Abducted Part 2

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Niall's POV
I sit on the couch watching Austin and Ally. It was one of the old episodes from the first season. Where Austin Moon a.k.a Ross Lynch sings Better Together. I sing with him softly.

"Sometimes I get in my own way

I need someone to say, hey, what are you thinking?

Your words, they're always just in time,

Just like a perfect rhyme,

Like you're not even trying

Like pieces of a puzzle, without each other

We're in trouble, trouble

Hey, I will always stay by your side forever

Cause we're Better Together

Hey, there's no other way

We'll make it through whatever

Cause we're Better Together."

I stopped when Zayn walked in with the others trailing behind. "Why'd you stop?" Harry asked. I shrugged. "Well we're going to Nandos. You wanna come?"

I shake my head. "Nah, I'm good."

"We'll bring you something back then." Liam says. And they leave. I never knew that not going with them would cost me everything. I sighed and walked upstairs to my room and collapsed on the bed. I curled in a ball trying to get some sleep. I closed my eyes and I heard a door open downstairs. It couldn't be the boys. They just left. I got up, grabbing my phone. I walk out of my room and pause at the top of the stairs. There's someone down there. I turn and quietly run back to my room, shakily dialing Liam.

"Hey Ni--"

I cut him off. "There's someone in the house." I say hiding in the closet.


"T--there's someone here. In the house."

Liam cursed and I heard Zayn ask, "What's wrong?"

"Harry turn the car around. Someone's in the house with Niall." My bedroom door opened and I hid deeper in my closet.

"He's in my room." I whisper. "He--" I was cut off by the closet door swinging open. I let out a girly scream as he dragged me out of the closet. "No! No get off!"

"You're more of a fighter than the other one." He says gruffly. Other one? "I'll enjoy making your life hell."

I kicked him in the face and reached for my phone where I dropped it. I never ended the call. The man stomped on my hand and I screamed in pain.

"Niall!" I heard Liam yell over the phone. The man picked up my phone and spoke into it.

"He can't come to the phone right now." He dropped it and removed something out of his pocket. I back up until my back hits my nightstand. I whimper as he comes closer to me. I do one final act of bravery and kicked him the face again, climbing to my feet and running out of the room. I sprint down the stairs but my legs wouldn't carry me fast enough to the door. He tackled me and I screamed. Pain exploded in the back of my head and I before I blacked out I felt him pick me up and carry me outside.

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