Amelia Pond's House

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The Doctor drove the tardis as fast as he could.  I went straight for a wardrobe that seemed to be a tardis within itself! There was enough clothes to stock the entire universe from the time it was created to the time it ends. I chose a black T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a red leather jacket with matching boots. I had a holster for my gun. When I went back into the console room, the Doctor looked up and just stared at me. I laughed.

"Remember to blink Doctor." I told him. He did, then went back to flying his tardis.

"Right! Leadworth England, April, 1996, about five minutes after 2:34 AM. I promised a Miss Amelia Pond a trip to the universe!" He said, pulling a lever and the tardis started up.  When we landed, the Doctor and I got out and walked up to a house with a tardis blue door. (Has anyone else ever noticed that? Or was it just me?) he walked in and looked around, rather sneakily. I walked in after him and went the opposite direction of him. The house looked old and fancy, as it'd been used for generations.

"Amelia?" The Doctor called. Then I rounded a corner and felt something hit my face, and the darkness surrounded me.

Doctor's POV

I heard the noise from the other room where Airiana was and immediately  ran in. She was lying on the floor, but she didn't appear to be injured. I looked around the corner, then fell back as something hit my face and I went unconcious.

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