My Story

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My Story

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post these. As you get further into them, you'll probably understand why. I don't tell this to people very often. But... There was a time in my life where I seriously considered entering the religious life, becoming a nun. And then, eventually, I decided that I was going to do it. During the summer before my senior year of high school, I decided on it.

It's been a few years since then. I'm no longer considering it quite so strongly. Things changed. Long story short, I fell in love with this guy. It didn't work out between the two of us. But it made it apparent to me that I was no longer decided on the subject of going into a convent or not. I'm still not.

Just a personal tidbit about me. :) Please enjoy and feel free to comment or ask questions.

And by the way, this is only the beginning of 'my story'. From here it leads on to other poems.

This is who I am

No matter how you sing the song

I will always sing along

As long as it is for Him

My voice will never dim

This is who I am

This is who I was

This is who I'll always be

To Him I will bow

There's no way, no how

You can take that away from me

I invite you to reach inside

To where your heart abides

Lift up all your crosses there

All these things He shall bear

I will worship I will sing

I will pray to my King

I'll forever dance around

For this God that I have found

You can cause me pain or strife

You could even end my life

It will not change any thing

I belong to the heavenly being

Relinquish My Doubt

There You are so near me

Still You seem so far

You whom I long for dearly

My brightest shining star

I wish to reach out

To scream, to shout

Why do I hold back?

What does my heart lack?

There once was a feeling

It sent my thoughts reeling

Now I feel empty

Your enemy tempts me

I'm begging You to reach out

Take my hand, banish this doubt

For here I crumble like sand

We were once so close

The one I loved most

But then my faith died

So I broke down and cried

My knees hit the floor

Open Your door

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