Prologue: The Princess Caliber

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*•.*•.Starting Third Person POV.•*.•*

Rich, beautiful, talented. She is a girl of high caliber, similar that of a princess. Y/N is often complimented by surrounding visitors, her undeniably irresistible beauty capturing the eyes of the crowd everywhere she goes. Soft wisps of that pale honey hair swept past an ear and caressed the skin of her neck, like a Goddess had stepped into the room.

The crowd's eyes seemed to have been magnetized as they watched her walk down the stairs with her beautiful pink gown made in fine silk. A rich girl born to be the embodiment of something perfect.

Women watching in envy as Y/N glanced at the crowd momentarily with those cerulean-glass eyes rimmed with long, dark lashes that brushed her cheeks every time she closed her eyes. Like royalty, men almost seemed to bow down as her beauty seemed to bore into them every time she looked at them.

Rare est la beauté en toi; Rare is the beauty in you.

That was her mother's motto, she wanted it to become Y/N's as well. Her sigh was softly deflating; Y/N had enough of these pointless parties just to find her a suitor, all this for a husband. As she arrived down with the crowd, men and women gathered. It was as if she was the only beautiful woman in the room, she hated it, she hated the attention.

She watched as people give her those pretty smiles— trying to get her attention. It's too forced that Y/N felt sick. She knew that all they wanted was her family's wealth, to marry the daughter of a rich man. Still, she forces a smile and greets all of them a bow. They all wanted to get close to her, it was so obvious. 

All this time, she always knew that everyone hated her. She knew that people thought she was just using her wealth to make everyone like her, but they were wrong. Y/N never wanted any of this.

She was good-looking, talented, famous and rich. People wanted to get close to her for fame, some even seducing her— either they're doing that to brag or they just want her money. It was all for the money. It was all for show. They forced Y/N through different lessons, aside from academic, they had her go through voice lessons, piano lessons, dancing sessions and many others. 

They're all the same.

She was called beautiful and attractive by many, labeled lucky for her parent's wealth, applauded for her wide knowledge, and praised for her talents. She was perfect. But that's what her parents wanted, they wanted her to be perfect. They wanted her to become an asset. All for the sake of fame, money and for show. To show to others how perfect they are. 

A perfect husband, a perfect wife and a perfect child. Quite a perfect family, isn't it? And Y/N perfectly hated it. The rest of the party was a painfully slow torture for her. She was used to the parties yet she wouldn't say that she appreciated them. They were repetitive. People try to get close to her, they try to amuse her, to befriend her, to seduce her. She receives salutations here and there.

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