During the Flight: Chapter 1

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You were a girl who is a fund of sweets and animals. You lived for so long with your foster parents, they decided that you would go abroad to Korea and study there. 

On your way to the airport you rode the bus with your aunt so that she can guide you to the airport. You saw a weird boy wearing a glasses he was carrying something inside his jacket.

You quietly waved at your aunt to your departure and sat to your seat, then you saw that weird boy. He was your seatmate, he smiled at you but you ignored him as you stared out the window.

Suddenly there was a sound of a 'meow'...You looked at his jacket as it moved slowly...Then he coughed "Mew...M-Mew..." He said rubbing his tummy smiling a bit awkward.

You sighed "What are you hiding?" You asked him quietly. He looked away "Nothing..." His English seemed a bit awkward. "Show me...I won't tell." You told him. 

He sighed and opened his jacket a bit to let you see. There was a kitten inside, "A kitty..." You whispered. He nodded, You took out some of your fish crackers. "Here..." You fed it to the kitty.

The boy's stomach started to grumble as well. You sighed, "It seems that it can't be helped..." You took one fish crackers "Here..." You offered "Open your mouth..." You said.

He raised his brow pointing himself. "Yes..." You nodded. He smiled "he opened his mouth as you fed it to him.

(The talks Korean in this part...But the Language is English...No sweat!)

"What's your name?" You asked. He said while eating "J-Jin...Kim Seokjin..." He said. "Are you a Korean?" You asked. He nodded, Your plane finally arrived to Korea.

You went down taking your heavy luggage. Suddenly it became light, "I'll carry it for you~!" Jin offered. "T-Thanks..." You said, He smiled "Um...You have't told me your name yet..." He said. "You just asked now?" You sighed "It's F/n F/l/n" You said.

"I see..." He giggled, You took your luggage "I better go now before the hotels are all out of rooms..." You walked away.


And that's what happened in the flight

-To Be Continued.

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