Chapter 13

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"Congrats winner boy" i mocked at him as we walked through the games looking for one that looked like fun "thanks" he said and gave me a small kiss "i gotta go to the Bathroom BRB" he said and stepped into one of the Port-a-potey's. Right as he stepped in my worst enemy Wendy Dillingham stepped out of another Port a Potey with some guy, she was wearing and you could just see her thong poking out of her shorts. She hated me i always had better things than her and i was poor. I always got better grades than her and in her eyes anything better than her was a threat so shed always made fun of me when id got accepted into 'an elite school in America' shed hated me even more then when my glasses started to get thinner the hatred grew as people noticed my eyes and finally when my boobs grew in (no matter how late) they were larger than hers so thats when it got even huger. She used to be popular but now she was just White Trash with her Trashy whorey friends so she was nothing. I looked at ehr outfit and while i owned everything in that outft (except the shoes and the thong of course) they looked better on me for one those shorts were petite size which is what i wear so they looked like underwear on her and that sweater top fit her weirdly since it was ment to go over a shirt and bra and it was slightly baggy since she did have small boobs on me it actualy filled out though.

"Well look at who it is" she said "freaky Geek" she said "lose something or just looking at the body youll never have?" she asked and i almost laughed though i was much less confident with her around "i wasnt" i said in a small voice. "Whats up with that outfit anyways? That shirt so does not look good on you" she said and she towered over me as she came nearer "and that skirt hah! And i thought going to that fancy American School might actually give you some sense of fashion!" she said and laughed "i thought i looked good" i muttered under my breathe "what? You actually thought you looked good? Who told you that your dead beat Dad?" she asked and shrieked with laughter. "No i did" a voice said from behind her she turned around a coky look on her face but she stopped dead when she saw who it was "well who are you?" she asked claerly turning on her charm "My Boyfriend" i said suddenly way more confident and stepped next to George wrapping an arm around his waist he clearly got the message so he dipped in a a french kiss my small form pressing against his muscled one. When we broke apart i saw that she had a bored expression but in her eyes you could tell that she was jelous "whatever when you figure out you want a real woman call me" she said then she left. "Well that was disturbing" he said and wrapped his arms around my waist "yeah she always is" i replied "Want me to win you a giant teddy bear?" he asked seeing my sad expression, i smiled and nodded at him so we headed to one of the small games. I watched as he was able to win game after game so we not only had a huge teddy bear but we also had many more little ones by 5pm which was the time that we left.

"Woah thats awesome"Colin said when he saw George holding the giant teddy bear in question "right?" i asked my brother and he nodded with glee. We drove back to the house then George took me to the side "hey my dad gave me this portkey its supposed to triger at like 8 so can i jsut stay and chill until its triggered?" he asked and i nodded "course babe" i replied and pulled him upstairs towards my room. We sat down on my bed and talked for a bit while i played around with the teddy bear then i laid down and he laid down next to me after a long but comfortable silence i spoke "how did i end up with someone like you?" i asked "your sweet your funny your cute" i said "because your beautiful" he said. "No im not Angelina is much prettier than me" i said "no shes not" he said "Yeah she is" i insisted "if shes so beautiful then why do i love you and not her?" he asked "y-you love me?" i asked sitting back up. "Err yeah i kinda do" he said nervously. For a moment i jsut sat there thinking about this new information, wed barely been dating for a few weeks and now he was saying he loved me? Well he did say hed liked me for years but still.

"Oh $h!t" he said "you dont love me. I err just forget i even said anything will ya?" he asked and tried to get up from the bed but i pushed him back to sitting down. "No its not that" i said m y hands lingering on his chest "its err just that i mean weve only been dating for a few weeks" i said "Yeah i know Gigi but its just  that you know ive liked you for years and plus since we starte being friends i really started to like you even more like how you remember everyone's orders and everything you read in books or hear from a teacher yet you forget names and how to do some stuff like long division" he said. "Like how your super clumsy and get hurt easily yet you dont have that many scars and how you love your family and your pets nad your friends" he siad. "Wow" i said surprised at all ed taken in over the months "George" i whispered and stroked the side of his face with the tips of my fingers "i love you too" i said "i love how you run your hands through your hair when your bored jsut to have something to do because it makes your hair look so $exy and how your different around me than how you are with Fred and what i especially love is that your good at everything you try unlike me and the one thing your not good at im great at" i said and kissed him on the lips softly again...

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