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You said "Ask and you shall receive."

Well, I'm asking,

And you aren't answering me

You said "Seek and yea shall find."

Well I'm looking

But no solution comes to mind

Waiting for you to show me you care

Just like before

I'm here wanting your love

But it seems your love is no more

I close my eyes

And I see your light

Flowing softly, through the night

Standing there

With a gentle smile

I'll never forget

I finally felt worthwhile

You said I was loved

And you'll wait for me above

But that's all just a memory

That door is waiting

To be opened one day

That light still shines on through my dreams

And in the dark, I am looking your way

To see that gentle smile

Guide me once more

Show me I am wrong

Lord, I am not strong

I need you

More than I can know

I am a seedling

Needing your living water to grow

So easily trampled

So easily scorched

I just need a candle

Lit by your torch

Peel away the layers I've built up

Save me by your grace

By blood in a golden cup

If in your heart, I hold a place

Just tell me you love me

I surrender my life

I surrender the path

Winding through memories of strife

Ending in an angel's laugh

Seasons change and time goes on

Yet inside me, my love beats ever strong

That beat will never falter

I always kneel before your altar

Reach out to touch my face

Take me deeper into your loving grace

I suffer for you

When I am lost, guide me through

I am not strong enough

To survive on my own

This life is tough

Don't let me suffer alone

I'll never stop asking

I'll never stop waiting

Even though you can be frustrating

I'm still yours

Forever yours

I will wait

With a gentle smile

I know the outcome

Will make it all worthwhile

My Lord, you are loved

Please wait for me above

Until the day I die

I'll look at your arms spread out wide

And I'll clutch to that memory

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