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Chains of sorrow

Breaking him

Taking him apart

Chains of pain

Are killing him

Suffocate his heart

You stand there

Watching him

Apathetic, and un-swayed

Don't you care?

Can't you see?

He's still not afraid

"Crucify! Crucify!"

On and on you shout

"Let him die, let him die!"

Oh crucify

As you turn your back

It's your name that he calls

He screams on and on

And let's the tears fall

Blood drips in his eyes

From the thorns above

As the Lord dies

And looks on you in love

Even with tears blinding him

He will not look away

Even if you cannot see him

His love will never stray

Watch him die

Hear him cry

All is asks

Is do not look away

"Look at me

Let yourself SEE!

In my eyes

Sadness, betrayal,

Pain unveiled



Everlasting love

And it's all just for you"

"Crucified, crucified

No longer do they doubt

Watch him rise, watch him rise

Christ who was crucified

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