As Peaceful Warriors

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On any average day we see

Shocking visions of violence

Carried out within the World

Human against human, against nature,

Against Earth

            That startles the serenity

Of the calm mind

            To bring flames of anguish

Searing deep to permeate

The stillness of one’s Soul

As peaceful Warriors

We must stand strong

Fierce in solid rigidity

To protect, to preserve, to shield

The innocent, the defenseless, the fragile.

As Peaceful Warriors

We must expose the intentions

Of those hell bent and driven

On greed, on power, on control

Those who delight in the destruction,

The suffering, the annihilation

Of the natural balance

The splendor, the blessings

Of all things living

As Peaceful Warriors

We must stand together as one

To defeat with civil defiance

The unconscionable violence

Committed against our Universe 

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