True Music

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True Music

I feel music

Coming up from my soul

I feel music

Deep in my heart

I sing of the pain I feel

I sing of the love that's real

I sing of the happiness

And sadness and joy

I sing your praises

As if they were born my heart

I will always sing

As I have from the start

I sing "God I love you."

You sing of love too

I know in all I do

That will always be true

I sing of the heart break

That stings my soul

But even through earth quakes

I will still know

To sing "God I love you."

Is all that I need

And you sing, "I love you too

Amidst all my deeds

So I stare in your eyes

And I lift up my hands

Through all lies

In this desert sand

My walls fall down

And I see your light

I finally surrender

I no longer fight

So I'm down on my knees

With hands stretched to you

Begging you please

Just do what you do

Looking at the cross

Where you say, "I love you."

I whisper back

"God, I love you too."

And that, is the only music that's true

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