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One voice in the pouring rain

One person, in a sea of pain

You look up to the sky

And ask, oh God, why?

Why are you here this day?

What should you do and say?

What's your purpose on this earth?

Is there reason for your birth?

Hear, now birds are singing

Distant bells keep ringing

World around you is filled with joy

Your sadness, you must destroy

There will be a day

You will follow only his way

In everything you do,

Let his truth shine through

Angel's distant voices

Sing of the choices

You face in your life

Guiding you through strife

You will not fall

For you know your call

You will not fail

Our God will prevail

Satan cannot tempt you

God's will is what you do

You see through the dark

Sung by a charming lark

You can turn and become

One with the Father's Son

What a difference you can make

This day, hell will shake

True love is never lost

It lies here in the cross

Listen and you will hear

His song which holds you near

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