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Pen Your Pride

Candy's Letter to Stair

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 Translated from Italian publication of CCFS Vol.2. pgs195-197

Dear Stair,

Great news! The date for Annie and Archie's engagement has been fixed. Finally!

Great Aunt Elroy and the Lagan (Eliza and Neal firstly) objected, and plotted in the shadows and involved all the family, but in the end Great Uncle William's decision won the day. He gave his blessing and he did it with all his heart.

Also, Great Uncle initially didn't expect any objections from the Great Aunt, he thought it was going to all go smoothly. He doesn't place importance on the provenance of where someone originates from; this must be why he doesn't manage to have good relationships with the rest of the Ardlays.

I am definitely a reason for all these difficulties. I think that my adoption without consulting anyone was a deep wound for the Great Aunt and the others. I'm sorry for this.

Ah! But you Stair, already know everything, truly?

Then you know that Archie sighed and said, "How I would that Stair was here." I bet you even know the real identity of Mr. Albert!

Since you made your long journey, lots of things have happened. Every time I ask myself what you would have thought and without realising it I started writing you letters from my heart, like I am now... When I talk to you I feel serene, and without being able to explain it, I almost feel your reply. Stair, have you by chance invented a Paradise Postal Service? From the day I received the invitation to Archie and Annie's engagement I have been filled with happiness and you are the only one I can share this emotion with!

"And me?" asks Great Uncle, speaking as if she was Albert (even if I am still the same person).

He wants to share in my emotion, but there's nothing doing: only you, Stair, can really understand.

You there have observed them for a long time, and who knows how happy you'd have been...And who knows what incredible invention you'd have designed to celebrate...If I think about it, I start laughing by myself. There's still time before the wedding, but Annie will happily become your sister in law!

Initially the Cornwalls were opposed, but I think they were influenced by Great Aunt Elroy. Now, however, they treat Annie kindly.

Your father behaves just like you, you know? You speak the same way, and even when you say serious things it looks like you are joking...I didn't know that even he likes to destroy things and put them back together. This is why Patty feels both comforted and sad when she meets him.

Oh, Stair... on one hand I am thrilled by Annie's engagement, but on the other hand I feel pain when I think of Patty...However I am sure that you are always there to watch over her!

Patty now is full of enthusiasm, and is learning to be a teacher. She's even started breeding a tortoise called Hughley 2! Certainly she knows that more than anything you want to see her happy.

Do you want to know if I am happy? Certainly I am! Deep down I have Candy's Music Box of Happiness. You were able to create an object with extraordinary effects, you're really an incredible inventor!

Annies's and Archie's engagement will take place at Lakewood. He himself told me secretly. That day they will make their entrance from your Water Door, and they plan to leave everybody speechless. Help them so that everything goes perfectly on the day, okay?

I will certainly look for you in the light of the sun, and naturally I will also look for Anthony...

On that day, I pray, bless Archie and Annie with a gentle breeze.

A letter from your Candy

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