Just Love Me

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Just Love Me

He lived for us, died for us,

Screamed for us, cried for us,

And all he asks is one thing,

"Just love me."

Every trouble he takes away

Every tear is caught in his hand

So I ask you on this day

For God, will you stand?

Call on Him if you want to

He's standing there at the door

If there's one thing I know, this he can do

So open up your heart and let it soar.

I would tell you my whole story

My great and wondrous conversion

It was all brought by the glory

Of a holy divine person

Do you want to hear it all?

Do you want to know my mission?

Every rise and every fall

How I made this transition

Maybe I can help somehow

Maybe all you need is inspiration

If you let me, I'll tell you right now

Of how I reached salvation

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