Annie Talking about Archie

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Translated from Italian publication of CCFS Vol.2. pp39

...I don't expect him to fall in love with me straight away...but I want to become a girl that he could truly love with his heart...

As she said those words Annie looked radiant, faithful in the hope of loving deeply the boy of her dreams.

To love. To love with all one's heart.

True love. That was an expression that Candy felt she could not use. When she thought about it, she was confused and this made her reflect on what she was feeling: they were words that could be used so lightly. She had adored Anthony, but maybe not even with him...

Will I... succeed in truly loving someone?

"I know I was brusque with you, but I'm not going to apologise."

In remembering those words, Candy felt disorientated again and gave a troubled sigh.

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