8 Short Poems

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Brush of an Angel's Wing

Small miracles occur in our lives 

Happiness brings tears to our eyes 

What do we call these small things? 

They are the brush of an angel's wing

The strength to survive suddenly spurs us on 

Saving our lives, bringing the dawn 

A hand reaches out, guiding us through 

A storm, a fire, telling us what to do

These miracles are sent from above 

Sent with a deep, raging love 

What miracles have occurred to you? 

It is an angel, believe it, it's true

Take me


Take my heart

Take my life

Take my pain

And my strife

All I am is yours


Take my dreams

Take my fears

Take my screams

All these years

I’ve been waiting for you


Break me, as I’ve never been broken before

Take me, make me more


Standing there

Arms stretched out

Even so, still I doubt

Help me regain my passion


Tenderly holding me

Oh Dear God, help me see

I am falling for you


So much time has gone by

As I pray, hear me cry

Seeking the answers

Seeking the truth

Why oh why did you die


Break me as I’ve never been broken before

Take me, make me yours forever more

Take me, make me more


It calls to you from the alter 

As you sing, your voice falters 

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