Candy and Terry at St. Paul's After the Kiss

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Translated from Italian publication of CCFS Vol.2. pp25-31

Terence has just kissed candy...


Wriggling strongly she moved away from his arms. Her eyes streamed angry tears now. She raised her hand and she struck him on the cheek, with all the energy she had in her body.

-What do you think you are doing? You are a good for nothing, that's what you are!

You womanizer and good for nothing!

Terence gave her a fiery look.

-What do you think you know about me?-he muttered angrily.

A moment later he struck Candy on the cheek. The girl suddenly brought her hand up to her face. It hurt where she'd been slapped.

-How could you? You are violent! Hitting a woman is horrible!

Filled with rage Candy struck him again. Terry's body swayed.

-It was the first time for me...I...If you were Anthony...If you were him...-she shouted tearfully.

At this point Terry grabbed her energetically by the shoulders and said:- If I was Anthony, what? Would he have been gentler? But he's dead, right? How do you know what a dead person would have done?

Almost grappling her he continued to shake her with force.

-You're hurting me...let me go...

But he did not let go.

-Did I hurt you? Did it hurt when I hit you? Why don't you call for help? Ask Anthony to come and save you! You can scream all you want, but he won't come! He's dead! Or am I mistaken?

- That's enough! Stop now Terry!

Crying, Candy shook her head. Terry's eyes looked enflamed and they were fixed on her.

-I'll make you forget him! I'll make you forget him, I, this Anthony!

He had hardly shouted those words when the boy carried Candy on his shoulders and walked on with big strides.

-That's enough, Terry! I beg you!

However she struggled she couldn't fight against him. In the thick of the woods, she could hear the neighing of horses. She felt like she was going mad. Horses... perhaps Terry had the intention of forcing her to ride one?

The young man entered his personal stable.


The tears impeded her from opening her eyes. No, it wasn't the tears: it was the fear of the horses.

-Don't move.

Terry spoke to her in an unexpectedly sweet tone of voice and he lifted her on horseback. Then he mounted up behind her.

-Let's go, Theodora!

Spurred on by his rousing voice the horse launched itself out and Candy trembled and clung on to Terry.

The horse ran at high speed through the trees. The sound of its hoofs, the smell of the forest: it was all like before, but she didn't want to remember. She didn't want to think of Anthony who turned, and was thrown in the horse race...No, he shouldn't have gone that way!

-Stop! Anthony, help me!

Candy let out a cry and closed her eyes tighter.

-Good, shout! Call Anthony! He won't come! He won't come!-shouted Terry without stopping.-Forget him! You've got to forget him! He's dead and can't come back. He doesn't feel pain, he doesn't feel anything! Open your eyes! Open your eyes and take a good look around, Candy!

That voice so full of pain seemed to force open a closed door, and she spontaneously opened her eyes.

-Look carefully. The forest in May, everything is coming back to life.

The girl inhaled deeply, inhaling the smell of the green leaves, the trees and the moss.

Gradually slowing down, the horse continued to run through the vegetation. The light filtering through the branches seemed to wrap everything in a golden haze. The foxgloves fluttered like fools as they passed. The birds flew and the butterflies danced in the air.

Observing the path ahead of her, Candy felt that slowly, slowly her heart was calming. She inhaled the perfume of the fresh blueberries and the wild roses.


Beyond the light passing through the trees, it seemed like she saw something. She adjusted her sight. Perhaps it was Anthony, with his intense smile?

Oh Anthony come here...

No matter how much she whispered these words, he did not come closer.

Candy's eyes flooded again with tears.

-You have to forget him, Candy...

Hearing Terence's calm voice from on high, Candy lifted up her shining eyes.

The boy held tightly the reins and looked ahead of him with a challenging air. Holding on to his chest, Candy felt his warmth and felt his pulse. Terry's body emanated a perfume like fresh grass.

We're alive...Terry and I...

Suddenly, strongly, this realisation shot through her.

The dead can't return.

She hears again Terry's words.

Anthony...I knew...I know...

Beyond the light she saw him nod.

Yes Candy, I can't return to you. Forget me...

She realised that Anthony and his smile was dissolving into the light. She wanted to call to him again, but she restrained herself.

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