Epilogue: Letter No. 3, Candy to Albert

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Translated from Italian publication of CCFS Vol.2. 

Letter 3 Epilogue

For the Prince on the Hill

Even if you've recommended to talk in a more natural way, how can I not feel excited in writing to the Prince on the Hill? Okay, let's take a deep breath...

Dear Prince on the Hill...

Thank you for answering me so quickly!

Mr. William Albert Ardlay does nothing but surprise me! To a fragile person like myself, ten hearts wouldn't be enough to bear all these revelations!

I think from now on I will always call you Great Uncle. You have to at least bear that!

However I have to admit that the way you revealed the truth to me was marvelous! We were on the Pony Hill, where we met for the first time. Just like then, there was a clear blue sky and we could smell the grass.

When Great Uncle unexpectedly turned up at the Pony House, I began to feel unexplainably excited.

The Directors were busy preparing tea and biscuits, but I was still and dazed: when Great Uncle entered the orphanage your expression seemed strangely different from usual...like a boy...

At times I like treating you as if you were an old man, but in reality you are a lot younger than your age. Just that, in that moment...perhaps saying you looked younger isn't the correct expression...I can't explain myself well. In any case, you had a different air about you and it made my heart jump. Great Uncle declined the tea that was offered and said to me with a serious expression: "Candy, let's go to Pony Hill"...

In receiving that invitation, I felt within me an undefined foreboding, but I never would have imagined what followed. When we arrived on Pony Hill we sat for a while in silence, then taking courage he turned to me and, with an embarrassed smile you said: "Candy... don't you think it's time you gave me back my pin?"

In a moment time was turned back, and I saw myself a child crying. In front of my eyes, there was the Prince of the Hill and he was smiling at me.

I couldn't help but burst into tears, and through the tears I asked straight away: "I...am cuter when I smile, truly?"

With lucid eyes you answered me: "Now you are cute even when you cry little one."

Your voice was a little cracked. Yes that was the voice of my Prince...Without a doubt it was his way of speaking! That voice had always been near me, but I hadn't noticed anything....However, I finally understand why he was always able to reassure my heart. At the same time, I understood the reason why Great Uncle looked different. The man who appeared suddenly at the Pony House was not Great Uncle but the Prince on the Hill. I couldn't stop crying, but this time they were tears of joy.

Prince, you're terrible! At the Magnolia house I showed you my precious pin many times, and I also told you about you! If I remember well, a certain "Mr. Albert", just listened and that was it...I wonder if in that period you had already regained your memory? I have to make the most of this moment to ask as many questions as possible!

In silence you looked at me sweetly until I stopped crying. The wind blew and it was lovely to feel it against my wet cheeks. I couldn't believe, that underneath that blue sky, I had next to me the Prince on the Hill...I was enchanted by such a vision. Then from one to another the sound of the horn from George brought me back to reality. Bah!

I had always hoped that I would meet you again so I could ask you many things! I would like to know what you were doing that day, why did you suddenly disappear...Indeed why? We'll catch up on our next encounter. Now I have so many things to look forward to!

Changing the subject, it is nearly May and the Pony Hill will be full of flowers. What day is approaching? Exactly it is a certain persons birthday( and I say it loudly)!

Well dear Prince on the Hill, now I will cast a spell on you!

Alabela, blabla, geragorabon!*

That day you will come to Pony house to meet a girl that is cute when she cries and when she smiles!

And the present that you bring will be a holiday: we can pass the time talking about lots of things!

The magic will work...I hope!



*In English, this should be Abracadabra, Alacaza

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