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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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Rain. Rain was what I remembered most of this memory. Pouring rain slamming on to the roof and window of the squad car. I sat with a hot coffee with two sugars and cream. The warm drink hit my lips, and nearly burned my tongue. I watched the window, watching the night on the street. The street light dimmed but I could still see.


"No," I responded, looking at him over my shoulder. He was my partner. Shaun Maury. We had been partners since I first got here. 15 years of partnership. He knew everything about me, and I knew everything about him. I was 38, he was 39. Blonde hair and blue eyes, and polished white teeth. He was single without any children and only one ex. To tell you the truth, I thought we would make a good couple, but I had a man, but that's for another time. I watched. The rain making streams down the window as I continued to watch. What we were waiting for? A man....a cruel one at that. A man apart of the Cartel. Killed over 200 people in his time here in Los Angeles, probably more, but we can't find them.

"Hey....maybe he's scared of you,"

"What?" I gave a slight chuckle.

"Well you're pretty badass when it comes to catching guys, maybe he's scared to get caught by Ms. Jackson," I laughed. He always broke the tension with a quirky joke.

"If you say so," I sipped my coffee. We both sat with the radio low, and struck up a small conversation. I saw head lights. I looked on as the cat parallel parked on the other side of the road. I watched as at least four guys stepped out and walked over to the building our snitch told us they would meet at.

"That them?" Shaun asked as he loaded his gun. I looked at the license plate, looking at the car logo.

"It's the Mercedes from the security cam video," I say as we both get out. The rain had lighten up. We jogged over to the two story building. We watched our 6 to make sure there weren't any guards. Shaun went in first, and I covered him from the back. We cleared the first floor, and climbed up the stairs. They creaked, making me a little nervous. We both went slower, and made it to the second floor. I could hear them talking. The thunder roared, making my heart skip, but I didn't show it.

"Call for backup," He whispered as he peaked in through the peep hole.

"How many?"

"About maybe 12- 13. Do we engage?"

"No...there's too many for just us two," I say as we both crouched down. We sat silent, listening in. I pulled out my recorder and listened.

"So....this next shipment will be the mother load. I want every man you've got to make sure it is returned safely back to the warehouse without a hitch. Make sure that damn detective bitch doesn't get in the way," I heard him growl.

"I guess he means you," Shaun whispered. I mentally laughed. I heard sirens, multiple ones all at once.

"Shit.... I told them silent with lights...fuck,"

"Don't worry, they're here, we can-,"

"The cops are outside!! Who called the cops?!" One yelled, I heard a chair fall back.

"We need to get out of here," I whispered. I backed up, and so did Shaun, I knocked over something. I don't remember what.

"Shit," Shaun had his gun drawn, as well as I. The door swung open and they all looked at me.

"L.A.P.D. Put your hands above your head," I said as I stood up, holding my gun steady and stayed firm. I was scared, but I buried it so far down into the pit of my feelings to keep it hidden. The men chuckled.

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