Aries (f) x Sagittarius (m)

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Another request! Sorry if it's also short! Trying to get these done.
Aries x Sagittarius

Aries tapped her foot on the floor as Sagittarius was awfully taking his time looking at her things. "Any longer, Sagi?" The sign shrugged and chuckled. "I said I was going to take my time, so I will."

Aries felt a vein pop up on her forehead. "WHY YOU-!" Sagittarius placed a finger in her lip.

"Sh, sh, sh, my little warrior. There's no need to get angry."


His lips mashed against hers in an act to silence her. Sagittarius grabbed her arms and pinned them against her wall as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Aries turned a shade of red and moved around a bit but she soon melted into this hot kiss. Sagittarius smiled and held both her arms up with one hand as one bad started playing with her hardened nipple. "Sa-" He silenced her by pinching it, and she let out a moan. Aries scrunched her eyebrows together as she closed her legs, realizing the emotion she was feeling. Lust.

Sagittarius raised an eyebrow and slipped her shirt up. He took a nipple into his mouth, and licked around it causing the other star sign to moan. Hearing someone nearing, he decided to end this soon.

He removed his bottom clothing as well as hers, and slid his hard member into her. Aries wrapped her legs around his waist as he soon started to pound into her. "Mmmmmh...!" Aries moaned and she bit her lip, loving the feeling of his skin slapping against hers.

Sagittarius grunted as he moved his hips with her, and he soon felt a warm liquid trail down his legs.

"Well someone enjoyed it..."


And then there was a quick round two.

I'm trying to finish request as soon as I can because why not?

Sadly they're going to be shortish unless I get into the whole thing and go into detail.


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