Scorpio (f) x Cancer (m)

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This was requested as well. I really wanted this one to be special, since the person who requested this has read these One-Shots since the first one. And I really appreciate it! I hope you like this. :)
Scorpio x Cancer

Scorpio brushed her long blood-red hair. Her violet eyes looked around the room as her dress' thin strap fell off her shoulder. She could suddenly feel her hair being brushed softly and she turned to see the one behind it. "Cancer..."

"Forgive me Scorpio..! It's mesmerizing..somehow.." he muttered softly. He continued to softly stroke her hair and Scorpio closed her eyes, purring a bit. He kissed her cheek tenderly, a light blush appearing on his face. Scorpio looked at him from the corner of her eyes, but deep down she couldn't help but feel all blushy and have butterflies in her stomach. She closed her eyes as Cancer softly planted kisses on her neck and shoulder blade.

Her thigh softly pressed against his growing shaft and he let out a small whine. Scorpio smiled and started pressing against him more. "My, my...excited..."

Cancer shuddered at her voice's tone. Seducing clearly. He softly pinned her down and nibbled on the cleavage that was showing. Scorpio ran her fingers through his hair and closed her eyes at his soft touch. Cancer slowly removed her clothing and blushed immensely staring at her breast. He softly squeezed them and Scorpio soon took control. She removed all of his clothing and she was only in her panties, making this a bit unfair to Cancer. She placed kisses all over his chest and she rubbed his shaft with her free hand.

Oh how amazing it felt to Cancer. He bit his lips and closed his eyes, but they soon shot open as he felt something wrapping around him. He looked up and Scorpio had slipped him into her warm entrance. His breath hitched as she jumped a bit and came down.

His hands were on her hips and his moans as well as hers filled the room. Soft. Scorpio started jumping much more rapidly and made the male pant while he thrust as well.

"Do you hear that?"

They heard Capricorn say and they quieted down. Well...Cancer tried.

I am so sorry this is late. I've been busy. I hope you're still reading this (the one who requested this One-Shot).

Again I'm dearly sorry. Also sorry for it being a short One-Shot.


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