Chapter 15: Not U or U

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"So, you work here huh?" His voice sounds a little more nasally then she remembers and when did his eyes seem so squinty? Gwen starts to wonder what she saw in him. He doesn't seem so good looking anymore.

"I intern here, for school." Gwen folds her arms in front of her chest to give the impression her time is valuable and he is not worth it.

"That's great! You got the internship. I'm so happy for you, congratulations." Steve waves his hands around and gives the biggest smile she has ever seen on him. He is over doing it. It is right at this moment that Gwen realizes he is sorry. Steve never over does things and is rarely uncomfortable. Something is eating away at him and Gwen is sure it's the guilt of what he did.

"Did you want to buy something Steve because I need to get back to the kitchen?"

"Oh, uh, yeah. Actually, can I talk to you? Do you have a moment?" Steve glances at the display case and rubs the back of his neck. His body is stiff and for just a fraction of a second Gwen has sympathy for him. But then the sympathy dies the moment he flashes his unusually white teeth at her. He would always give her that smile when he wanted something from her.

"I really don't Steve, so if you could just make your purchase and..." The door bell rang again and Gwen leaned to the side to see who was coming in.

"For the love of God! Is Tuesday now return-of-the-shitty-boyfriend day?" Gwen muttered as she watched a very sweaty Dorian enter the shop.

Here is where her heart picks up. It beats loudly in her chest and occasionally jumps to her ears. She watches Dorian slick his hand through his very tousled inky hair. His eyes shine brightly while locking with hers. They appear bluer today and she has the urge to reach out to his damp skin, and bury her face in his chest.

Dorian seems bigger, taller somehow. Perhaps it's because next to Steve he is taller.

"Gwen, I was hoping you were here. When you didn't answer my texts I wanted to--" Dorian rushed toward the cash register as if a large wood and glass case wasn't positioned between them.

"Gwen, who the fuck is this?" Steve is glaring at her as he waves his hand at Dorian.

"None of your business Steve. Why don't you go back to your new girlfriend, or did you think I could now be the girl on the side. I must be giving off that vibe lately." Gwen's head swivels toward Dorian as she speaks the last sentence, her eyes narrowing.

"What girlfriend? Oh, you mean Casey? Yeah, she was also dating a few other guys too, so it didn't work out. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I missed you." Steve reaches a hand across the counter but Gwen stares at it as if it is a snake coming to bite her.

"You are kidding me! What am I the consolation prize Steve? It didn't work out with Cassandra so –"

"It's Casey. Her name is Casey." Steve corrects her.

"Oh I'm sorry, Casey. You hear that Dorian, her name was Casey. How on earth could I screw up her precious name? As much as I don't give two flying fucks about Casey and her stupendous name, at least she was smart enough to steer clear of you."

"I think you are acting a little ridiculous Gwen. Her name isn't that great. Come on, back me up here dude." Steve slapped Dorian on the arm. Dorian glanced at where he touched him as if Steve's hand was covered in feces and he just smeared it on him.

"Why should I?" Dorian moved a little closer to Steve and folded his arms. For the first time Gwen noticed how intimidating Dorian can appear. She glanced at Steve who appeared to be oblivious to Dorian's irritation.

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