Happy 2 Million reads! :)

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No words can express how much I'm thankful right now. I really didn't expect that many of you guys will read this story. The first story I have written here in wattpad. I'm not really a writer or an author but because of this website where everyone can read different stories for free, and also could write whatever you want, so I tried to be one.

I really love reading books until one day, I was inspired to write my own. I just write, write and write. I don't care if no one will notice my works, I just write and write and write. The most important thing is you are learning. And now, I'd like to thank all the readers who sent messages about me as a storyteller. To all the readers who leave comments about the story and to those who always vote, thank you po :) and ofcourse to all the people who read my stories, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Happy 2 Million reads!! :D

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