Switching Identities

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Brooke POV

“INEZ! WHERE IS MY TEA?” I yelled from my bedroom. Good help is so hard to find these days.. I smirked as Inez scurried in with a glass of tea, looking flustered. “I’m sorry it took me so long ma’am” Inez said, clearly out of breath from running up the 3 story twisting staircase. I took a sip of the tea and spit it out. “There isn’t any sugar In this!” I screeched, wiping my mouth. “Ma’am I put two teaspoon of sugar in it, just how you like it” Inez said. “Well, I guess my taste buds have changed, please go make me some tea with more sugar. Inez sighed and nodded her head “Yes Miss Brooke” and scurried out again. I sighed and plopped down on my nice, warm, fluffy bed. The pink “Baldacchino Supreme” (A.N. look it up.. or just look at the picture to the right) bed has always been my favorite place to be. When my daddy bought it for me, he said only the best for his little girl.

 I turned on the T.V. and sighed, all that was on was news reporters talking about daddy and Jill and their upcoming wedding in the fall. My dad is REALLY popular considering he’s almost the richest man in the world (next to bill gates and a bunch of other people). Jill and my dad had been dating for only 3 months when they decided to get married. It wasn’t the traditional get-down-on-one-knee-and-purpose kind of thing either. Jill and daddy had gone horseback riding when Jill had told my dad that she wanted to get married. At first my dad was hesitant but then he decided “why not?” (daddy has been married 15 times so I guess he figures marriage isn’t that important) and said ok. Jill picked out her own ring.. only a 2 million dollar one but still quite pricey.. Jill has been planning the wedding while my daddy just sits back and lets her do it all. She always picks out the most expensive things.. her flower arrangements alone totaled up to $500,000. If you ask me, I think she just wanted to marry daddy (he insists that she’s marrying US but I know better) for his money. I turned the T.V. off and looked at my phone. Why hasn’t Alex called yet? He said he would call “later” and the last time I checked, it was later. “I’m sorry ma’am but we don’t have any more sugar” Inez said, I hadn’t even noticed that she had entered the room. “Ugh just forget it Inez” I said and shooed her away. I looked at the phone again.. still nothing. I threw the phone at the wall. That’ll teach Alex to call on time or else I won’t answer.

(Next day)

Truman high school is MY school. I don’t care what anyone tells you, it’s mine. Well, mine and Alex’s I guess you could say. His mom isn’t as rich as my dad but I guess since he’s dating me and all that makes him one of the most popular guys in school. He definitely is the hottest guy in school.. But he’s kind of a nice guy. That’s one of my problems with him.. he just doesn’t know when to worry about himself and not other people. Of course, he should always worry about me but I mean when a nerd drops their books or something he comes to their rescue and helps them. In my opinion, If the kid was clumsy enough to drop their books, they should have to pick them up but Alex just insists that he helps. Whatever. “Hey babe” I heard a smooth, sweet voice come up from behind me. I fought the sudden urge to turn around and give him a huge hug. I spun around and say “don’t you hey babe me, you didn’t call me last night”. “I tried but It went straight to voicemail” Alex said, running his hands through his thick black hair. His cologne was intoxicating me and I had the urge to just kiss him right there.  I held back, set on keeping my irritated tone and not giving into him. “Well, you said you were going to call me later and it was later and you hadn’t called so I got frustrated and.. forget it” I wasn’t going to let him know that he had so much power over my emotions by telling him that because of him I need a new phone. “Ok brookie” he said and put his arm around me and walked me to class. Alex always called me brookie and the only reason I let him was because it made it look like we were so deeply in love that we had cute nicknames for each other. I saw the way other girls looked at him and I, so it’s all about keeping them envying us and our “love”. I wouldn’t exactly call it love, more like a strong connection.