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Marina's POV

We ran into some fans and took pictures with them. We all went out and searching for our sign and I spot it. I see it was wait what Jack Johnson I go to Hayes and ask "uhh is the other group by any chance Nate's group."

He looks and widens his eyes we tell everyone else and we up to them and I say "we are the...... You-Viners" they stood there in shock "are you sure about that" Nate said "oh more than postive" I say  giving him a nervous smile.

Well this is gonna be a long trip I thought to myself. "Lets just go and try not to make it the worst trip" Nash says we all argreed and went in the van. We got to their house and Nate showed me the guest room there house was huge. I thanked him and smiled and he left. I found beats pill in the top of the nightstand I turned it on and connected my phone to it.

I started to listen to 'Little Bit' by Skate. I kept on wondering why Nate said it was song his name is Nate not Skate but it does kinda sound like his voice I thought. I put the music really loud and unpacked I hear the door knock and I lower the music. I open in it to see Nate "oh hi" I say "hi dinner is gonna be ready in 10 minutes" he says.

"Oh ok" I say in reply he turns around and walks "Nate" I say he turns around "yes" he says "are you skate" I ask. "Skate"
I say "skate maloley yea why" he says "so this your song" i say and turn on the music he nodds. I turn it off and say "oh thanks" "welcome". I changed into sweats and a t shirt and go downstairs and see jocelyn " what up" she says "nothin" I say.

"Lets eat I'm hungry"she says " agreed" I say. Then we start eating with the rest we all talk and get to know more about eachother.

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