Chapter 8: Avatar Roku

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I hid with Aang behind a pillar as the fire sages burst into the room, "The Avatar has managed to get inside!" Shyu, he fire sage who helped us exclaimed. "How?" "Who knows, but look at these scorch marks and down there!" He pointed to a shadow moving underneath the door. I feel a tug on my hand and turn to look at Aang only to be brought face to face with my brother. "Zuk-ompf" He covers my mouth and ties my hands together. "I can't let you get hurt. Sorry." he apologized as I heard Katara shout, " Aang! Now's your chance!" Zuko pushes us forward, "The Avatar is coming with us!" Katara, Sokka, and Shyu are tied up. Zuko pushes us towards the secret tunnels, I see Mushu in the rafters. I nodded to him and back flip over Zuko. Aang airbends and knocks him over as Mushu drops down in between Zuko and us. "Thanks Mushu. C'mon Aang!" He nods and pulls me towards the doors that are beginning to close. We barely make it in, I look up to see a statue of Roku. "Woah.." I trail off as I stare at it, sunlight is coming in from somewhere. Aang kneels in front of the statue, mumbling something to himself. I picked about something about the light and statue, but that's it. I watched as the light slowly made it's way up the statue, "Why isn't anything happening? I don't know what I'm doing! All I know is airbending! Please, Avatar Roku, talk to me!" I heard Aang exclaim. I place a hand on his shoulder and look up to see the light hit Roku's eyes. The room filled with a bright light, I shielded my eyes from it before I felt exhausted. I slowly closed my eyes as I passed out, I could faintly hear someone calling my name.

I shot up only to come face to face with a dragon statue. "Ah!" I crawled backwards out of panic. "Hahahahahaha! You should have seen your face!" I looked up to see a man with dark brown hair with water tribe clothing. "Uh...who are you?" "I'm you. Well a past you, the first dragon. My names Agni, it's nice to finally meet you Princess Kaida." I got up and dusted myself off, I looked at him. "So your Agni?" "Yup!" "You're different than how I imagined you would be. You're only a few years older than my brother." "Yeah, well anyways, let's go take you to your friend. He's talking to Avatar Roku." I nodded and followed him. We arrived at a temple, it looked like one of the ones in the fire nation. I looked around not paying attention to where I was going when I bumped into a large dragon. I stood there frozen with fear with my eyes wide, "Uh..A-Agni?" He stopped and looked back to see me having a staring contest with a massive dragon. And, you know what he did? He started laughing, freaking laughing! "Why are you laughing?!?!" "That's Avatar Roku's dragon. He's harmless, see he likes you." Agni stated as it nudged my cheek with it's nose. It tickled, causing me to laugh, "What's his name?" "Fang." I petted him, "Oh, you're not so scary now are you." I got a weird look from Agni as I petted Fang. "What?" "Girls and their pets. I swear. Anyways, c'mon we should get you to Avatar Roku." I nodded and said goodbye to Fang, he growled in response. We walked into the temple and up the stairs. We arrived in front of two large doors, "Woah...Is Aang in there?" "No. He's already left the spirit world. You'll see him soon though, don't worry." I nodded and pushed the doors open, I saw Avatar Roku sitting there, he looked like he was meditating. I looked at Agni and he gestured for me to walk forward. I gulped nervously and approached Avatar Roku, "Uh...Avatar Roku?" I asked, he opened an eye and looked at me. "Hello young Kaida. Come sit." He motioned for me to sit beside him, I walked over to him awkwardly and sat down next to him. "How are you?" "I'm fine. Uh, could you tell me why I'm here?" "Well Aang and you are connected so-" "I meant why did you want to see me?" "Because I have something important to tell you." "And that is?" "Now's not the time to tell you." I furrowed my eyebrows, "Then why bring me here?" "Because Aang needed you to come with him." "But, he's not even in the spirit world anymore!" "There's no need to shout. You're just like Mulan. Always so outspoken, that's a good thing though. Aang will need you to help him with what's to come." "And, I suppose that information doesn't need to be shared with me yet." "You are a smart one." He smiled at me before standing up. I stood with him, "I have just one last thing to tell you before we depart. Follow your heart young dragon, it will always lead you in the direction you need to go." I nodded, "Until next time Kaida." With that everything started to fade to black and I shut my eyes.

I cringed as I opened my eyes, trying to blink away the bright light that was burning my eyes. "Kaida! Are you okay?" I sat up and saw that I was surrounded by Zuko, Uncle, Mori, and Mira. "Why is everyone staring at me like I sudden sprouted a tail?.....I don't have a tail do I?!!" I panicked as I stood up and tried to make sure I was tailless. I sighed in relief to see I was fine, "What happened?" Zuko stood in front of me, "Well after you and the avatar managed to get into the temple, Zhao arrived and tied us up and then tried to capture the avatar. But, he managed to escape because of Avatar Roku. They temple is gone, you're lucky Mushu managed to grab you so we could flee. What were you thinking?!?! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!" "No, I-I just thought you were going to hand me over to father." His expression softened, "Kaida, I would never do that, I promise. But, you need to stop putting yourself in danger. I refuse to watch you die, I can't loose you too." He explained. I nodded, "I'm sorry Zuko. I didn't mean to worry you. And, I'm sorry for what I said earlier." "No, I'm sorry. I was just jealous, I shouldn't have called you stupid." He apologized, I smiled and hugged him. "Uh..You know I don't really do hu-" "Just shut up and hug me back you idiot." He chuckled and hugged me back. Mori and Mira stood there awkwardly as Uncle smiled, "So where are we heading?" I asked after Zuko and I stopped hugging. "Well, first we're getting out of fire nation waters. Then it's back to following the Avatar." I nodded, then I looked around for Mushu. "Uhh....Zuko, where's Mushu?" I asked. "I put him in a cell." "What?! Why?!" I demanded as I ran to the ships cells. "He attacked me! What else was I suppose to do??" He asked as he followed me, "He was helping me. Now give me the keys." He mumbled something, but handed them to me anyways. We made it to the cells to see Mushu pacing back and forth in a cell that was smaller than the others. "Mushu!" "Kaida! Finally! Prince ponytail over there locked me up." "I know, I'm sorry Mushu. Let's get you out of there." I stated as I unlocked the door. He walked out and I hugged him, "You're lucky I didn't barbecue that psycho brother of yours." He mumbled as he glared at Zuko who glared back at him. "Stop. You're out now, everything is fine. Well, as fine as it can be with everything that's happening. I think we all just need to rest. C'mon let's head to bed." I suggested as I walked to my room. Zuko and Mushu followed me, "Night Zuko." "Good night Kaida." We said good night to each other then went to our rooms. I sighed in relief as I fell onto my bed, "Well that was an eventful day. I swear next time Mr. Hothead decides to lock me in a cell, I'm gonna give him a scar to match his other one." Mushu stated, I rolled my eyes. "Good night Mushu." "Night." I rolled over onto my side and closed my eyes. 

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