(This chapter is so short sorry!) Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner

Chanel’s Point Of View:

                “…hate you!” I yelled and he flinched at my voice. I now have the Luna voice and any rogue can startle with that voice.

                In a little while, the rustling of the bushes made their attention snap towards the sound and my pack members came out in their wolf form. They lunged towards the fellow rogues of Blake and I smirked at Blake.

                He yanked my arms that are folded on my chest and pulled me towards the isolated area when suddenly Logan bursts in front of us with a smirk on his face but his eyes give utter worry.

                “Where do you think you are going?” Logan said, as cliché it may sound. He crosses his arms on his muscled chest and I smiled, reaching my eyes.

                Blake laughed and I looked at him because we’re already fighting and yet he’s fighting. “Did I invite you here?” He asked Logan mockingly.

                “Nope but I think Chanel, my mate wants me here,” He spat the words with pride and he emphasized the word mate, making Blake flinch.

                “Okay let’s then make Chanel choose,” Blake said, glancing at me and glancing back at Logan. I don’t know what he’s talking about so I mind-linked Logan, “What does he mean?” “I don’t know baby, let’s wait. You’ll be safe soon, I love you,” He replied.

                I was about to reply but, Blake spoke, “Be with me or Logan will die?” He points a gun towards Logan and smiles at him. Logan looks furious and angry but there’s no sign of fear and anxious.

                Our weakness is real silver and the bullet’s silver so he might die, I’m a 65% sure. “I love you,” I mind-linked Logan and I started crying. “Remember that I love you and I will choose you over anyone but this leaves me no choice,” I said lastly through mind-link before I shut it down.

                “I’ll be with you Blake,” I said and I have something on my mind so I go in front of him, leaning towards him and he already knew what I was about to do, he grabbed my head and pressed his lips on mine.

                It’s disgusting. His lips aren’t soft like Logan’s and it isn’t sweet like Logan’s. He’s practically kissing me with force because I didn’t respond.

                I did my plan right away and kicked him on the crotch. He involuntarily dropped the gun and I smirked, that’s complete idiocy and stupidity.

                I caught the gun in my hand and without any hesitations, I pointed the gun on his forehead and he was about to push me back but I pulled the trigger swiftly and he died. He just died in front of me but I wasn’t in trauma or something, he deserves that.

                He’s just plain stupid, easy, and a piece of idiot. I stood up and looked for Logan but he’s no longer in sight. I started to panic then when I heard the howling of a wolf, I knew it was Logan.

                His howl means the battle has had come to an end and we won but there’s more. His howl shows sadness and pain then I knew that it was my fault.

                Chris and Luke came and Chris hugged me, kissing me on the forehead. We didn’t have an exchange of words and instead, we went home.