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Mikes p.o.v

It has to be her. I killed all the wendigos. I think I did anyway. Jess was never found, so maybe she is alive. It is possible. I don't know why she couldn't just take the cable bsck to us all. Oh, wait, Josh had the key, and he was killed. We all continue to walk on, towards the noises.
   "Mike." Sam says.
   " Yeah Sam?" I reply.
   "There are still wendigos on this mountain." she reminds me. I just sigh and ignore her. She keeps trying to get me to turn back.
   "Can we stop?" Ashley asks. " Just for a minute. I need to talk to you Mike."
I nod and Chris and Sam walk forward a little bit.
   "Are you alright?" she asks. I guess she noticed the change in my mood when she ducked the snowball.
  "No. Not at all. Ash, Jess could be in pain right now. It's my fault." I say. She shakes her head.
   "It's not. Mike, you tried so hard to find her. I know you did. But you need to stay strong okay? She could still be alive." she says reassuringly. I nod and we walk on. I kinda liked the little pep talk. It motivated me. We all continue walking until we hear a thud. It's like something has fallen.
   "Help! Please!" we hear. Chris walks in front of us all. He grabs a hand and pulls someone up. It's Jessica.
   "Jess?" I say. She looks at me confused. "Jess it's me. Mike."
   "I'm sorry, I don't know anyone called Mike." she replies. She doesn't remember me.
   "Do you think she has amnesia?" Sam whispers. I nod in agreement.
   "Tell us about yourself." Chris asks jess . I don't understand what he's trying to do.
   "Well, I hate being trapped on this mountain. I have been for a long time. But somebody came to help me and put her life at risk for me. I'm trying to find her. Can you help me?" she explains. I nod my head and look to the others.
   "Okay, but if I see one of those things Im out." Ashley says. Jess laughs.
   "It's fine. If you see one we can kill it. With this." she says dragging a flamethrower out. She struggles to bring it out but gives it to me.
    "If you see one burn it. Don't think about it, just do it." Jess says. I can't believe she's alive. She must've hit her head or something. We should probably call someone, say we found another survivor. I take out my phone and type a number. I'm about to press call until I realise there's no signal.
   "Where did you last see her?" Chris asks. Jess looked out into the forest.
    "In there. Then we saw one of those things and we ran. I tripped and fell down a small ledge, but the thing kept going after her. We didn't have the flame thrower. Thats why I came to get it. I heard you guys talking so I yelled for help." she explains.
   "Why were you on the ground then?" Chris asks. Jess points to a huge cut in her jeans and in her skin.
   "The thing did it. We don't know what it is but it's dangerous. We killed one of them but there's still a few out there. We knew the flamethrower would work because we accidently blew one up." she says laughing. She seems to remember so much. Just not who I am or anything that happened that day. I would give anything, to erase the memories from that day.

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