Chapter 1

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Kemoni's Pov
The summer is over and it's time to head out for a new life at Connecticut. During the summer I gave Cameron a promise ring for our sixth month anniversary. I didn't think it was possible to fall more in love with this girl but I did. She means the world to me and I promise not to hurt her.
Cameron: babes did you get my suitcase already?
Kemoni: yes, come on or were going to be let for our flight.
Cameron: I'm coming.
She got in and kissed my cheek. I drove to the airport and we boarded the plane.
Cameron's Pov
I fell asleep on the plane ride and was awoken by Kemoni.
Kemoni: wake up Pooh we're here.
We got off the plane and got in a cab that would take us to the University. We already took a took a tour of the school and got an acknowledgement of where our classes were. My dorm was across from Cameron's.
Cameron: I'm going to unpack and come over.
Kemoni: ok baby girl.
I walked in my room and looked around. Clean for the most part but I can tell I have a roommate.
???: of course, mom......I love you too bye.
I turned to the voice and seen a light skinned girl. She smiled brightly at me showing off her pearly white teeth.
???: uh hi my name is Kamil, you must be Kemoni my roommate.
Kemoni: uh yeah....
Kamil: I've heard a lot about you, seeing as you were the top player in high school.
Kemoni: oh....ok.
Kamil: yea....well I have to run, I'll see you later.
She left out the door and I stood there amused. Is everyone around here friendly. I unpacked and changed clothes. As soon as I was about to sit down there was a knock on the door. I opened it and seen a brownskinned girl standing there. She looked up at me and tilted her head.
???: is Kamil here?
Kemoni: no, she just left.
???: ok well, would you mind if I stayed until she came back?
I moved out the way and let her come in.
Cameron's Pov
The minute I walked into the room I almost died from too much smoke inhalation. And it was not no cigarette smoke definitely marijuana. I put my stuff down and looked around the room. My eyes landed on a light skinned about my height maybe a little taller.
???: you my roommate?
Cameron:.....uh yeah. My name's Cameron.
???: Kody.
Cameron: ok.
I walked to my room and started unpacking. I noticed her standing in my doorway as I finished.
Kody: you're cute. Where you from?
Cameron: Georgia.
Kody: oh. What you come here for?
Cameron: I got a scholarship for basketball.
Kody: oh word? You must be good to have gotten in.
Cameron: I'm okay.
Kody: I may come to your first game just to see you.
Cameron: your attempt at courting me would work if I wasn't with someone already.
Kody: that never stops me from getting what I want sweetheart.
Cameron: mhm, well I advise you to stop now because I'm fully committed in this relationship.
Kody:*laughs*. Ight, I'll fall back but I'd like to be your friend though.
Cameron: that's fine. Well I'm going across the way, I'll see you later.
I left the room to go with Kemoni. I knocked on the door and she answered it. She let me and I noticed a girl sitting down on here phone. I sat with Kemoni and she pulled me in to her.
Kemoni: so how's the roommate?
Cameron: she's okay, May have a smoking problem.
Kemoni: as long as she don't persuade you into doing something crazy.
Cameron: no worries for that Kemoni. What about your roommate?
Kemoni: she left for something but she seems cool.
Cameron: so who's that?
Kemoni: oh a friend of hers I guess.
Just then the door swung open and it shut with a low bang.
???: I'm sorry. Jaylan what are you doing here. *looks at me*. Hi.
Cameron: hello.
Jaylan: you were taking entirely too long Kamil. Practice is tomorrow and I'm definitely not going there starving.
Kamil: how about I take you for lunch tomorrow.
Jaylan: best you could do since you wrecked my car.
Kamil: shut up.
She walked into the kitchen and came back with a Gatorade.
Kamil: that's my sister Jaylan Jaylan this is Kemoni and......
Cameron: Cameron.
Kamil: Cameron.
Jaylan: hey.
Kamil: so I don't really need to ask about y'all since y'all have been the talk of school since you both got accepted to the team.
Jaylan: oh that's who they were talking about.
Kamil:*rolls eyes*. Anyways I'm a sophomore in college and I'm going to treat you no different from how I treat everyone else.
Kemoni: fine by me.
There was a knock on the door and the person on the other side would be the reason why I would hate Connecticut.
Kemoni's Pov
When she opened the door Cameron tensed up. I looked at her confused but she only stared. Kamil let the boy in and he sat down. I felt Cameron's grip on me tighten and that began to give me a bad feeling about this boy.
Kamil: this is Jason, our quarterback for this school and my boyfriend. Jason that's Kemoni and Cameron.
He looked at me with a nod and stared at Cameron a little bit too long for my liking. Cameron looked at me and then whispered in my ear.
Cameron: going back to my dorm, Kemoini. I'll talk to you later on tonight.
Kemoni: do want me to walk you back.
Cameron: to the door is fine.
I got up behind her and followed her to the door.
Kemoni: I'm here when you're ready to tell me.
Cameron: I know. That's why I love you.
Kemoni: I love you too.
I kissed her for head and then her lips. She left and I went back to sit down. I guess I dozed off while they were talking because the next time I woke up I had a blanket over me and I smelled food. I walked to the kitchen and saw Kamil cooking.
Kamil: I hope you like spaghetti.
Kemoni: yea I do. Thank you.
Kamil: no problem. You can take a plate to your girl of you'd like.
Kemoni: thanks. I'm going to go take a shower and ill take it when it's done.
Kamil: Mk.
I walked upstairs thinking about Cameron and what was the story between her and Jason. I have a feeling it's something bad from the way she had acted earlier but I didn't want to dwell too much on it because it at be little to nothing. I highly doubt that. I got in the shower and stood there for awhile before cleaning myself off. After showeering I got out and put on a tank top and some ballers and some slides. Kamil had wrapped the plate up and I walked across the hall. I knocked and Cameron came to the door.
Cameron: thank you baby, what is it?
Kemoni: spaghetti. I had to make sure you ate.
Cameron: I'm glad you came because I would've went to bed hungry.
Kemoni: you know I got you.
Cameron: I know. I got you too.
Kemoni: of course you do. I'll see you tomorrow morning. I'll walk you to class.
Cameron: ok just knock in the morning when you're ready.
Kemoni: okay. I love you Pooh.
Cameron: I love you too.
I kissed her and mumbled GoodNight against her lips. On the way back across the hall I thought about not sleeping with Cameron. I've gotten used to being next to her at night, the only thing that keeps me from a nightmare. I don't know how tonight would turn out but I hope it'll be good.

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