The Time Travel

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Tsuna was sitting in his room with two of his friends, Gokudera and Yamamoto. His mother brought up snacks and the group was having a nice time and chatting with each other. It was another normal day in Namimori. Tsuna watched as Gokudera and Yamamoto talked about the day and smiled. Reborn had relaxed on the training for a while, and Tsuna was grateful for it too. He could finally sit back and get comfortable without having to worry about training all day. Lately Tsuna and his Guardians had gotten into all sorts of mafia business and felt like once he solved one of them, another issue would appear. He even had to time travel into the future to stop a man from destroying it.

Tsuna stretched and leaned back in his spot, still smiling. He should have breaks like these more often. Yamamoto looked over at him and smiled.

"You look happy." He chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm just thinking about how nice it is to not be in trouble or saving the world or anything. It's like I'm a normal kid." Tsuna joked.

"Hah, I bet we make the Vongola family so strong that no one dares to challenge us." Gokudera said and smirked.

"That's one way of looking at it." Tsuna replied and took a sip of his drink that would sitting on the table. He looked out the window and wondered what the other guardians and his friends were doing. He was sure that they were having a nice time on their days off from Vongola business. 

Down stairs Tsuna's mom was cooking dinner and the scent drifted upwards towards Tsuna's bedroom. The three boys looked towards the door and thought about what delicious food would be awaiting them downstairs when dinner was ready.

"Smells great." Yamamoto said cheerily. Gokudera and Tsuna agreed and stood up.

"We could go downstairs and get seated at the dinning table." Tsuna suggested and the others nodded. They were about to exit the room when they noticed a light shining from somewhere.

"Whats going on?" Tsuna asked and looked around realizing that his Vongola ring was glowing. He lifted his hand up and took a better look at it. 

"Why's my ring glowing?" He asked. Gokudera and Yamamoto had a puzzled look on their faces and then found two more lights glowing and realized their rings were shining as well.

"This is new." Yamamoto commented and inspected his ring. The three of them, all confused at what to do, stared at their rings.

"Reborn might know what this mean!" Tsuna thought. He was going to find Reborn when the three lights started shining even brighter than before.

The room was lit up with the shining lights and the three boys could feel a strange power emitting from their rings. Before they could do anything, the room flashed in a blinding light and the three of them suddenly felt like they were falling.

"Hiieeee!" Tsuna cried as he felt himself suddenly falling.

"Juudaime!" He heard Gokudera calling from somewhere in the strange tunnel of light.

"Hang on guys!" Yamamoto said as the three of them fell and reached the ground with a thud.

"Ow..." Tsuna mumbled as he lied on the ground and sat up. He looked around and wasn't sure where he was. He saw Gokudera and Yamamoto lying on the ground a few feet away from him. The two of them sat up and looked around.

"Where are we?" Yamamoto asked.

"This doesn't look like any place I know." Gokudera commented. They were outside sitting on the grass in a yard somewhere that seemed far off from any town. As they were inspecting their surroundings, they turned around and noticed three tall men staring down at them. They were mumbling something in another language to each other while watching the three boys.

Shielding his eyes from the sun, Tsuna got a better look at the three men and realized they were none other than Vongola Primo and two of his Guardians, G., and Ugetsu Asari.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment about anything. This'll be a fun little challenge for me, gotta make sure to try to get the characters to stay in character! XD Also I shall note that I've seen all of the anime, but have not read the mangas. 

I shall add the next chapter soon, maybe tomorrow or something. Again, thanks for reading! :3

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