Chapter 1

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Lauren's POV

" Are you sure the team won't find out about this?", Steve asks as we walk out of the tattoo parlor.

" Relax. We got the tattoo on our fingers for a reason. No one will know", I say, holding up the finger we got the tattoos on.

We both decided to get an infinity sign on our left ring fingers. It represents our saying, ' forever and ever until death tears us apart'. It took a lot of convincing to get Steve to ink his own skin.

" You're lucky I love you", He says, placing a kiss on my head as we walk through the streets of New York.

" We should get a dog", I say out of the blue, causing Steve to chuckle.

" One thing at a time, Lo. One thing at a time", Steve says, taking my hand in his.

When we reach the coffee shop we always go to, Steve opens the door for me, letting me enter first. I see an old man sitting down with who I'm guessing is his wife, smiling at us. The man walks up to us and says:

" You've got a keeper there, miss. Not that many men treat a lady with such respect", causing me to smile, giving Steve's hand a short squeeze.

" Thank you, sir", Steve nods.

" You two will make a fine married couple one day", The man says, then walks back to his wife, causing a blush to appear on Steve and I's cheeks.

" Have you ever thought of that?", Steve asks me.

" Thought of what?", I ask, turning around to face him.

" Getting married", He says.

" Oh, Stevie. I love you... but I just don't know if we can.I mean, we're apart of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heros. We haven't even told Nat and Clint about us and.......... I-I just don't think we can", I say, looking down as tears form in my eyes.

Steve gently takes his hand to push my chin up so I'm looking at him.

" Forever and ever...", Steve starts.

" Till death tear us apart", I finish, getting on my tippie toes to place my lips onto his, still feelings the sparks I did when we had our first kiss.







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