Shadow of the Night (part 13) ~A Vampire Love Story~

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MedCo. Labs was a big grey concrete building, with tighter security than anything Sara had seen before. James pulled his car up to a little booth that a very well built man was sitting in. "Hey, Mitch." said James.

"Good to see ya James. Who is this?" said Mitch peeking into the car.

"Mitch, Sara. Sara, Mitch."

"Nice to meet you." said Sara.

"Likewise." said Mitch, he was studying her "You are the cause of much curiosity Sara. Many people are wondering what type of girl could make James... umm... change his ways."

Sara laughed "Well, sorry to disappoint, but there is nothing very special about me."

Mitch smiled "We'll see. Go on through."

James pulled into a parking spot "Leave your purse in the car." he said. They walked up to a set of doors and James pressed a button, the security camera above the door turned to them and James waved. Sara heard the door unlock. "When we start working here we will get key cards."

"What if they get stolen?"

James pointed to what looked like a little black television screen above the button and card scanner "Facial recognition and hand print reader." He opened the door and motioned for her to go ahead.

"They are really tight on security."

"They need to be." The inside was all grey concrete and stainless steal. There was a man in a guard's uniform holding a metal detector, he was standing in front of the only other door out of the room. He had small beady eyes, a big nose, and a wide mouth. "Hey, Boris." said James.

"Hello, James. How are you?" he spoke with a very thick Russian accent.

"I'm fantastic Boris. And you?"

"How, do you think I am?" he said "I have to stand here all day dealing with the idiot visitors. The last little shit to come through made a massive fuss about getting scanned. I wanted to call him in for a body cavity search just out of spite. But the paperwork is horrible."

"Well we won't make a fuss. Boris this is Sara."

"Nice to meet you Boris." he shook her hand, she noticed him taking in her appearance. A black cartilage ear ring, black skinny jeans, green converse sneakers, and a green v-neck T that had 'I would like to stab you in the eye with a really hot french-fry' across it in big letters. "How is it with all of your high-tech security, you are stuck with a little tiny hand-held metal detector instead of one of the doorway ones?"

Boris laughed "They do it because they like to watch me have to deal with these jackasses."

"Sadistic bastards."

Boris laughed again "James, I like this one."

"I do too." said James "Sara, Boris is a shape-shifter."

Boris nodded "That I am. I shift into a goose."

Sara laughed "A Russian goose names Boris? Have you ever seen Balto?"

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