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Brent went home and Holly was round Matt’s, Brent said he’s gona come buy later because he left his Gym bag here.

I couldn’t help myself but crave to look through Brent’s gym bag and I mean come on it smells so good and it’s just sitting there, it smells so good and I’m sitting so far away from it imagine how good it would smell if I was right near it.

Oh grow a pair Caydee! You’re not scared of him usually, why you scared of him now? It’s his fault he left his gym bag here, but it’s not his fault he forgot it, oh shut up!  Stupid voice in my head.

I let out a breath that I didn’t realise I had been holding. Why the hell am I scared?! I ignored the fear that I had for no absolute reason, I got up from the sofa I had been sitting on and I ducked down near his bag I opened the zip slowly as if he would be able to hear it.

I took out one of his T-shirts and smelt it DAYUMN this smells good........................WAIT!!! why the hell am I smelling his T-shirt I’m like those love sick girls in the movies but the only difference is; I’m not in love.

Oh who the hell cares he smells good there no reason to it just the fact that he smells very, exceedingly good.

I put his t-shirt to the side and rummaged through his bag more I found his I pod hmmmmmm I’ve always wanted to know what type of music a Alpha of  the state would listen to, okay maybe I haven’t but I need a excuse to be looking through his I-pod,

I turned it on and went into his tracks. He had Eminem, Bruno mars, Lil wayne, and all the types of singers I like, I love these singers! I turned it on and plugged his headphones in and listened to his music while rummaging through the rest of his bag.

I saw his mobile phone, okay I know this is bad but I cant help I feel like I HAVE to know what’s in it. I turned it on and opened his inbox, oh god this is bad.

Oh well it isn’t like your a saint anyway Caydee. I agree I looked through his inbox and the first name that caught my eyes was.


I growled, I opened the text and it said

Ill see you at the Drane cafe in 10?


My grip on the phone was so strong i chucked it on the floor and put everything back into his bag.

I took out my phone and rang Blake.

“Come here immediately, we need to go to the cafe its about the mutt” I said through clenched teeth.

I could hear his car beginning, and I ended the call and ran into my room and changed into a T shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. I got my mobile and put it into my pocket.

I heard a car horn and looked outside my window and saw Blake’s car.

I got into his car and sighed “The dirty mutt is at the Drane cafe with him right now, we need to go there”

I saw a amused look on Blake’s face “you jealous?” he teased.

I sighed “N-urm- well- kinda, but please don’t tell anyone” I said hurriedly.

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