Concert Part 1

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Lisanna P.O.V

I was getting three pairs in a row back to back.

"Natsu look! I won again!" I tugged his tuxedo trying to make his head turn to the machine. His attention seemed fixated to Bixslow talking to Lucy.

I pouted.

"Maybe I should check up on Luce." He gripped the chair pushing himself up. I followed behind and cupped his face.

"Lucy loves Bixslow!" I hollered before I latched my lips to his.

This wasn't right because I love Bixslow. But he doesn't feel the same.

Juvia P.O.V

"Moh. Can Gray-sama let Juvia play this time?" I thumped his head. He smirked.

"Only if I missed ." I crossed my arms.

He pulled his hand back with his dart to his ear. Carefully he tried to aim at the target.

"Gray-sama! Juvia is Pregnant!" I announced as he threw the dart at a glass at the bar. The lady drinking it screamed.

I giggled.

"Juvia! Is that true?!" His eyes wide awaiting my response. I sighed.

"Jo~ke." I sang as he let out held air in relief. I titled my head confused.

"Good that you aren't." I batted my eyes. He seemed like he didn't want to have a child with Juvia.

"What do you mean?" He combed his hand through his hair allowing his other hand to relax on my shoulder.

"The last thing I need right now is a kid. Got it?" Gray's gaze was full of harshness like the first time I met him. My head was spinning and I felt like I was gone be sick.

"B-But what if Juvia really was pregnant?" He paused not throwing another dart.

"Juvia hasn't been well lately and her period is late and-" he dropped the dart and took his jacket off the holder.

"Gray-sama?"He walked out the door where it was pouring raining.

"Just leave me alone for a while alright?.."

And Gray-sama never returned that night.

Lucy P.O.V

Tears rolled down my eyes.

"Natsu!" I spoke with no discretion. He pushed her away with his eyes and his face dropped, muddled.

I turned to Bixslow who was hurt and in shock.

"Bixslow?"he smiled sadly to me.

"I told you Lucy-san." He ran off with no other words.

Natsu came up to means held me by the shoulders.

"You know I don't love her. I love you Luce." I shook his hands away and approached Lisanna. Thumping by head on her forehead I angrily spoke.

"Baka! Bixslow loves you." She gripped her skirt and violently disagreed.

"I see how much you guys spend time together! You! You took him away from me!" Her petite hand met my face, striking me harshly on the cheek.

"Oi! What's the matter with you!" I held my jaw as Natsu scolded Lisanna. My bangs shadowed my eyes as I faced her with tears shredding my eyes.

"Lucy-chan! Go-gomene. I-I-"

"Are your eyes that clouded to see the difference between friendship and romance?" I picked up my feet, taking my heels off and started running eager to find the broken-hearted male.

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