So I'll be answering all the questions I was asked on the last two chapters and from chapter 34.

I'll start off with all the ones that were asked to me and then move on to the characters.

atelovesme asked, How do you come up with your ideas for your story?

  - I got asked this a lot or similar questions. It just comes to me at random time and then with I see something happening in real life or I hear and a song that reminds me of ITD then I usually start brainstorming and think situations I could use. Idk really it just all kind of comes together. When I started this I had no idea where it was going to go. But now I do.

 Directioner_4_eva_ : Does R stand for Reid?

   -  You'll just have to wait and see. I could tell you now though that it does not stand for Ross.

She also asked, Why is Zayn so Perfect?

   -That I do not know. But I'm pretty sure he was just born that way.

Now lilypop2580 asked a few so the  next questions are all from her.

  Are Maddi and Zayn officially together?

   -In Chapter 35 I kind of cleared this up I hope.  Zayn told Madison that he doesn't do relationships but he really likes her and wants to try. But he doesn't want to have labels. So yes they are together, but aren't like official? Lol I hope that made sense.

 Do you like animals and what is your favorite? Favorite and least favorite subject in school?

   -I'm not an animal lover. Lol I don't hate them or anything but I'm not obsessed with them either. My favorite animal of all time are Hippos. They are just so cute and interesting.  My favorite classes this year are Algebra 2 and AP Language and I'm on the line of hating and loving AP Government. I hate AP Chemistry and Business Law, mostly cause of the people in the classes and the teachers more than the actual subjects.

livinglifexx88 also had quite a few questions.

What is Maddi majoring in college? And did Zayn go to college?

  - Madison is majoring in business and minoring in accounting. If you r remember the first ten chapters she really like accounting. Later you'll know more about that along with Zayn. Zayn started going to college but dropped out.

How old are you and eye color?

   -I am 16 and I have really light blue eyes.

 How many chapters are left?

-This story will either have 70 or 80 chapters, I have yet decided.

Embarrassing story? How old is Kayla and Maddi?

  -I have embarrassed myself so much before it's really depressing. So in the winter it gets really cold and snows a lot. My dad was dropping me off at school and there was ice on the ground. So right by my car I fell and as I was getting up I fell again. A whole bunch of people saw and they were just staring at me. And since I just disappeared my dad rolled down the window. And was like "Pat! Pat where are you at? Are you okay? Why are you on the ground?"  Pat is what my family calls me. Anyways I was so embarrassed I could have died. And both Maddi and Kayla are 19.


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