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India Westbrooks

Wassup y'all I'm India Love Westbrooks. I'm 5'2" I'm mixed with Black, Mexican, Asian and creole. My sisters are Bree, Brooke, Morgan and Crystal. I'm from Compton so I know how to fight but don't try me tho. Annnnddd my birthday is February 3rd. My bestie is none other than the Honey Cocaine yaass thats my bitch tho. That's all y'all need to know for now byyyeee. ~~~India

Crystal Westbrooks
Heeeeyyy I'm Crystal Westbrooks India all ready gave y'all a background on who I am. I'm 5'4" my birthday is March 6th. And I'm a model so I gotta go to work.~~~ Crystal

Honey Cocaine
Wassup niggas I'm Sochitta Sal but everyone calls me Honey Cocaine. I'm a Canadian I have 6 brothers yep I'm the only girl. My birthday is October 22nd. I love to rap I'm 5'6". That's all y'all need to know I'm gone.~~~ Honey Cocaine

August Alsina
Wassup niggas y'all should know me but if not let me give y'all a lil run down on me. I'm August Alsina I'm 6'0" I'm from NOLA never knew my pops. My moms raised my own my own. Shit y'all know the rest I gotta get ready fa a show I'm out.~~ Aug

Heyy I'm Rodriguez Broadnax everyone calls me Jacquees or Que for short. My birthday is April 15th I'm from Decatur, GA. My mama name is Rosie I have a sister Myricle. I have my own group FYB And I'm 5'2" I'm out I got things I gotta do.~~ Jacquees

Issa Thompson
Wassup I'm Issa Thompson. My birthday is September 22nd I have a daughter named Iza Marie she is 3 years old. I'm 5'7" I'm in a group called FYB with my cousin Que. That's all y'all need to know I'm finna take my princess shopping.~~Issa

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