"Without gory details because you will be in public," Michael so gratiously adds, getting a jab to the ribs from Calum.

"We all booked the plane and packed enough of your clothes for you to be able to go. In order to make the flight we have to leave in half an hour. It gives you times to think; but if you love her as much as you say you do, you won't have to think," Cal says gently. I wrap the blanket around me tighter and nod.

"I want to see her and make things right," I mutter.

"Good cause we were going to drag you even if you said no," Luke admits.

"It will be good for you," my mum says bringing in sandwiches she had made for all of us.


After fourteen hours of flying, two hours of security, an hour of driving, and constantly crying everytime I heard something that reminded me of my ex-girlfriend, the boys and I had arrived at Keira's college, the University of California.

"I can't do this," I blurt out suddenly as we pull up to the school parking lot. Michael slaps me.

"Ow! What the hell?" I yell and hold my stinging cheek.

"You're dumb. You're going in there and making things right. Keira and you are in love, dammit!" He says frustrated. "Literally you two are so ugh! You beat Zayden only to go long distance right afterwards. That's a hard transition! It's meant to be! Now stop crying and go fix it!"

"Mikey, you didn't have to slap him...," Calum bites back a snicker.

"Yes. Watching them argue and make up is just as bad as the soap operas Kay Kay is obsessed with," Luke says taking sides.

I open my mouth to defend myself just as I hear a thud. Looking over my right shoulder out the window I see familiar brown hair and eyes. I see a cap and gown and curled hair a camera and phone lying on the ground at the feet of her. Keira Mayberry had spotted me. Oh shit.

"Ashton?" The word barely falls from her mouth. And for a moment everything was perfect... but that moment ended. Keira's face hardened and she immediately turned and stomped away, forgetting to pick up the phone and camera that had fallen from her hand.

"Samantha!" Michael yells as her cousin bends down to pick up the fallen items. He gets out of the car and goes over.

"Nows not the time, Michael," is all she says before turning on her heels and fleeing after Keira.

"I told you this wasn't a good idea!" I say and point at Luke.

"Well, we are too far from home to back down now." And with that, Luke grabbed my shirt sleeve and drug me into the gym of the college to watch Keira graduate.


"Riley Castor." The teacher monotonously calls out and follows the same routine of shaking the graduates hand and handing them the degree.

"How many people actually have graduated today?" Luke whispers to Calum who in return shrugs.

"Lukas Castello."

"Who even are these people?" Mikey grumbles bored out of his mind, trying to retrieve wifi connection in the crowded gym.

"Zayden Breez." The words stand still as Zayden walks up to the teacher. He had lost a bit of weight and sported a three day beard, but other than that nothing had changed. I clenched my fists and resisted the urge to walk right up to him and bop him right in that Pretty Boy nose.

"He went to school?" A familiar voice asked. Calum turns around and nods at Sam.

"Keira had mentioned something about him being in her math class when we first met him." I thought back to the first day we had arrived in Los Angelos and had gone to the pizza place, only to have run into Zayden.

"Keira Mayberry." I look up and see her walk across the stage in heels that I guarantee took her at least a month to learn to walk in, and collected her degree. Having graduated one of the top in her class she was required to make a speech. She walked up the the podium and took a deep breath.

"Instead of doing the usual 'I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for...' I decided to tell you how I really made it through this final and toughest year of my education," she began. "You see it started with texting a wrong number and meeting my best friends in the whole world. They were the ones who kept me focused on what I had to do instead of boys and materialistic things. When I was left on the corner at a first date and my apartment got flooded they brought me in. They always helped me achieve my goals. And though I reached this goal I fell short of another, staying with my boyfriend." At this moment my heart rebroke. "Now I know you guys are probably like who cares about your boyfriend and your relationship. It's the twenty-first century get over it and do something with your degree... Well my degree is in sociology and there's one major thing I have observed. Love makes you do crazy things. Like for instance take a baseball bat to someone's Bently. But what I do know for sure is what got me through this school year was the love from my ex-boyfriend, Ashton. Crazy things have happened and if I didn't have someone to be there through it all I would have lost my mind. I'm required in this speech to say the best thing that has happened throughout this year, and I can say, full heartedly, it was typing Sorry, Wrong Number to a complete stranger who turned into my best friend." And with that, she had finished and walked off the stage.

I push past the boys and people who I won't even remember their faces in the future because there was only one thing I had to do, get to Keira.

"Keira!" I yell as I spot her and try to keep her from walking away. She turns and sees me with a small tear in her eye. That was all I needed for me to race after her and kiss her like I never had before. To make sure she knew she came before everything even though I had made her feel differently.

"I love you," I mutter to her.

"Shut up and kiss me you idiot," she grins before pulling me close once again.

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