Chapter 29

The ride into town was so much fun, listening to all the songs on the radio and singing with the girls to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry we were all singing along dancing around.

“Wow Leanne, you got a great voice” Lilly said from the front set. All the girls agreed and I went bright red, I had an ok voice but everyone loved singing that's why everyone did it, if they had a good voice or not.

“Thanks” was the only thing I said hoping they would change the subject.

We got to the town about ten and it looked busy. Well busy for a small little town like this.  All the buildings all looked like old Victorian style houses and shops with small doorways and stone walls and floors.

I loved it, it was tiny.

There were market stools down the strip of the town selling fresh meats and bread. Kate looked like she was in her element. She told me last night on the way back to our rooms that she wanted to be a breaker and would love to own her own cupcake shop but she would have to go to cookery school which she didn't have the money or time for but it was her dream and right now she was loving looking at all the homemade foods and different creations.

“I love food” she said to us making the girls and me laugh. Gemma had brought loads of chocolate and Lilly had got a large bag of different pick and mixes sweets and were eating them all on are way up the town.

“Kate you alright?” I asked walking slowly behind the others so there was some distance between us and them so no one else could hear. I looked at Kate who was staring back into space not hearing me.  She was frowning seriously about something and she seemed a little upset. I wonder if it had anything to do with Jay earlier or had Jake done something again. I remember her saying that he  didn't like her and didn't think she was good enough for their family but every time I saw them both  together I didn't see hate in his eyes. He always had his eyes on her but I couldn't work out if he was looking at her because he hated her or if he liked her. I remembered when he was holding her hand the other day at dinner... I will have to try and see tonight.  Hopefully if I focus on other people's love lives I can avoid my own. Tonight will go by quicker if I have something else to focus on. Then... I'll be going back to London. looking for a new job.

Oh wait how am I going to get home? Chris drove. I'll have to get the bloody train.

“Kate?” I said softly touching her arm.

“Hmm, oh yer fine thanks” she said with a weak smile. She kept on walking but I could tell that there was something wrong with her.  

“You looked serious with Jay earlier, everything ok?” I asked

“Yer everything's find, just find perfect” she sounded like she was trying to convince herself.

“So you've had no more trouble from Jake” I tried to slip him into the conversation. But she was looked shocked that I brought him up atoll.

“What?! Nowhere fine everything is fine” she snapped. Ok there was something up with her.

“Kate you can tell me it you want” I said stopping as did she. 

“Leanne I would, I really want to but I can't say anything its better if I don't” she said. God it couldn't be that bad could it.

“Yer but if it's making you this upset...” I tried to say before she turned to me.

“Are you going to tell me what was really wrong with you last night?” she asked. Oh God, how did she know there was more to what I told them last night?

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