Chapter 8

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Your POV
A couple months later, I was back in my own home, and summer break was just around the corner. Except...prom was coming around. It was boys ask girls, and not one boy had asked me to prom, probably because I was that beaten up, suicidal girl.

But anyways, when I got back to school, I had a shit load of homework, which I didn't want to do. It was all the stuff I had missed when I had gotten hurt. Why couldn't the school be nice and actually not give me this homework that I missed? I'm already smart enough...

I woke up early for school the next day, having a bad feeling about things. I mean, I knew Annie was in juvy, but the problem is, she was released back into my school just right after I had...

I got up slowly out of bed, and looked at my razor, which, was bloody from last night. The blood had dried up, and it wasn't a pretty sight...
Shit. I need to clean that.
I thought as I grabbed it and rinsed it off with water.

After I got my backpack, I was ready to head to school. I picked up my cell and texted Eren to pick me up, which he did in like 5 seconds flat no joke.

"Whoa. Someone's on time for once." I teased as I got into his car.
"Hey, do you want a ride to school or not?" He laughed.
"So did you ask anyone out to prom yet?" I asked as I slammed the door shut and Eren started the engine.
"No...but I've been thinking about the girls who I may want to ask..." He told me as we started driving off to school.
"Really? Who? I could give you tips on who's a nicer girl."
"Well..." Eren blushed. "I think that Petra's pretty cute..."
"Hm..." I wondered. Oh, yeah Petra. She was ok...but definitely Eren's type.
"I think she'd be a nice fit for you." I told him as he pulled into a parking space in the front of the school.
"You really think so?" He asked as he jumped out of the car.
"Do you think I'd lie to you?" I laughed as I jumped out of the car as well.
We both shut our doors, locked the car, and started walking to our 1st period class.
"No, I don't think you'd lie to me. Thanks a bunch F/N!" He smiled as he ran off to class.
"No problem!" You shouted after him.

As you walked up to your 1st period class, Levi was already there, talking to some other kids about prom and stuff.
I wonder if he'll ask me out...
The bell rang loudly which interrupted my thoughts. I started playing with my bracelets that were on my wrists, making sure they were covering my wrists, because Levi sat next to me.
In. Every. Single. Class.
Shit. I didn't bring enough bracelets...he's gonna notice and be worried again...
I thought as I sat down in my seat. Levi shortly followed in behind me, and he gave me a smile as he sat down. But then it slowly faded.

Levi didn't talk to me the entire class, which made me worried. He and I normally would and make fun of the teacher and stuff because we both sat in the back, but today was different. We were both silent, and he looked sad, which was unusual because around me he was happy.

The bell rang.

Levi got out of his seat and waited for me to get up as well. As we walked out of the doors, I asked him,
"Why didn't you talk to me 1st period? That's so unlike you." I guess I sounded worried, but I couldn't tell.
"Because. This." He said as he gently grabbed my wrist and took off all the bands which showed, deep cuts that went so deep that you could see the flesh.
"I didn't mean to... I just..." I felt a tear slip down my face, and then more and more continued to follow the others. The tears were colder than ice, just like my skin that felt the same.

I feel cold and alone.

But then, I felt warm. Levi was hugging me tight.
"Shh." He said soothingly. "It's ok. I won't hurt you, or judge you or anything, I'm just worried about you."
"I-I know..." I sobbed.
He released from our hug to look at me, and I looked horrible. Depressed and weak, not ready for anything. Used up for society's battle that is my depression.
"You poor thing..." He kissed me on the lips which made me feel a little happier, and I giggled a little bit.
"I know a place that would make you happy." He told me as he grabbed my hand. I blushed.
"Really? Will we be late for class because all of my teachers are already mad at me for not finishing my home-"
He put a finger to my mouth to silence me. He then pulled away his finger from my lips and said,
"Follow me. Don't worry about anything. I have everything prepared. I'll tell the teachers that you weren't feeling well so I took you home, but you'll be back tomorrow."
"Thank you Levi." I said as I hugged him tightly.
"You're welcome f/n. Anything for love." And with that he kissed me on the head, and started leading me towards the forest, the beautiful, pretty, forest which I always loved.

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