I woke up with a start this morning, having the same bad dream as the day before. I yawned and extending my arms outwards in different directons. Deciding to take a shower this morning, I threw my polka dotted comforter to the side and got up, yawning once again. Walking to the bathroom, I picked up my hair brush from my dresser, so that I could at least TRY to get out all these knots in my hair. I kept walking to the bathroom, placed the brush beside the sink, closing the door, then slipping off my clothes.



I stepped into the bathroom, but not before grabbing the brush. I turned the water on, stopping at just the right temperature, warm. I shampooed my hair, then washed in out, brushing my hair while washing it out, I then did the same with the conditioning, but this time with a comb, then washed my body. I turned off the water, stepping out of the shower, I wrapped my self in my yellow fluffy, silk, towel. I felt comforted by the touch of it, being as soft as a baby's bottom, even though I had never touched one before; ew.



With that thought leaving my head, I got dressed in jeans shorts, my baby blue shirt, that said, 'Since You're Asking, yes, th World Does Revolve Around Me', and my hightop black and white converse. I brushed my hair, pulling it back into a ponytail, then ran downstairs and poured myself a bowl of 'Cinnamon Toast Crunch', I ate it then ran upstairs, brushed my teeth, and quickly grabbed my dark blue backpack that had different color polka dots on it;I f you haven't noticed, I LOVE polka dots :D, and my car keys. I ran down the stairs and out the door. Putting the keys in the ingnition, I drove off to school, I didn't need to pick up Annabel today because her mom drives her to school on Wednesdays.



I wonder if she finished her Science Project; probaly not. Who knows, she NEVER does school projects!! NEVER!! Anyways, I arrrived at the school parking lot and parked in my usual spot. I put the car in park, and took out the keys from the ingnition. I grabbed my bag and got out the car, locking it after I close the door. I took my science project out of the trunk, whch I had put in over the weekend after I had finished it, so that I wouldn't forget it at home. I had to bring it early, so that I could get a spot on the table my teacher had set up in the classroom, he had set it up because he knew he would be getting a bunch of science projects on his desk, even though I told him only a few people would turn it in. I shook out of my thoughts, closed the trunk, and walked into the school. I quickly saw Annabel and sped walked to her.



"Heeeyy!!'' I greeted her, sounding like I was drunk



"Are you drunk, 'cause you sound it!! IT'S ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO DRINK AT YOUR AGE, YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT?!?!?!" she said, looking straight ahead



"Oh, shut up!!!! I'm not drunk!!! I just wanted to ask if you did your Science Project because it's due tomorrow." I said

"Oh, ok, good. And, no, I DID NOT do my Science Project, I told you, I don't like doing that stuff, I think it's stupid." she said matter-of-factly

"Stupid enough for you to get a "F" in Science and flunk?" I said, becoming even more worried for her

We continued bantering like this until we had to split up so that we could go to our classes. Alex is in my Homeroom and you can bet on it, that that is the only reason I still even go to Homerooom. He is perfect and I mean perfect, his abs, his face, and his oh-so-perfect body. But I can't have him because he's way out of my league. I don't think he'll even ask me to the Halloween Dance that's in 2 weeks!!! It's a guys choice dance, not a girls chioce dance where the girl asks the guy. It's so unfair!! But tells which guy actually likes you enough to ask you. I thhink things'll turn around just for me. I was snapped out of my thoughts by someone and realized I was just standing in front of my Homeroom classroom door, doing nothing. I turned around and saw it was Alex who had snapped me out  of my thoughts. I guess he was trying to get into the classroom, no duh.