thirty three // I need to pee

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Rory gripped Michaels hand tighter as the four friends approached the front door of Calum's apartment. Luke bit down on his lower lip and looked at Ashton, his hands tugging at the hem of his shirt as he tapped his foot against the floor.

"I feel like I'm going to puke." Rory admitted, her head falling against Michaels arm as his thumb ran back and forth over the top of her hand.

"Are we just going to stand here staring at a door?" Ashton asked, briefly looking to Rory but looking away quickly as he saw tears on her cheeks.

Michael let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and knocked on the door. The four teenagers stared at the door for what felt like forever. "He's probably not home," Luke shrugged, his eyes darting to Rory as she nervously chewed on the skin around her fingers.

"Spare key." She muttered, pulling her hand from Michaels and reaching up to the top of the door frame, taking the small spare key down and warily unlocking the door.

Luke looked to Rory, "Should I go first?" Ashton put a hand on Luke's shoulder and shook his head, "No, I'll go. If he's in there, he'll listen to me." Ashton sighed, pushing the front door open slowly with his hands, his steps slow as he entered the apartment.

Luke followed behind Ashton, Rory stood back and looked up at Michael. "What if he's in there?" Rory's bottom trembled. "Ana, remember what I said to you?" Michael whispered, his hands reaching to cup Rory's cheeks.

Rory shook her head, "I love you. No matter what happens, I love you and you only." Michael cooed, his lips placing gentle kisses on Rory's forehead as she wrapped her arms around his waist, "Where would I be without you?" Michael let out a small breathy laugh and looked down at Rory, "Probably dealing Cocaine in the backstreets of Sydney." He teased.

Rory lightly slapped his chest before standing up onto her toes, her lips brushing against Michaels as his arms hooked around her waist. He gently backed Rory up until her back was against the wall next to the door, one hand holding her hip while the other cradled her cheek. "I want you, Princess." Michael whimpered, Rory's dainty hands running down his chest as they kissed.

"Guys you might want to come and see this - oh gross!" Luke yelled, his body coming to a halt as he saw Michael and Rory. The couple pulled apart sheepishly and straightened out their clothes. "What's happened?" Michael asked, reaching down to intertwine his fingers with Rory's.

Luke shook his head and walked back into the apartment, a silent demand for Rory and Michael to follow his actions. As Rory looked around the apartment she once called home, a burning sensation filled her chest, the once white walls were now splattered with faded stains, the floor littered with empty whiskey bottles and pill packets.

Rory let out a sob and fell into Michaels arms, her face burying into his chest as he held her close. "Is he in here?" Michael asked, gently hushing Rory as his hands stroked up and down her back. Luke shrugged and looked over to Ashton who was pacing back and forth, his fingers gripping his hair from the roots.

"I'm going to the bathroom, he always sat in the bathroom after he had a few drinks." Rory hiccuped, her body pulling away from Michael's as she headed down the all too familiar hallway.

Her hands trembled as her fingers ran along the walls of the hallway, her feet stepping over broken glasses and picture frames. "Why, Cal?" She muttered to herself, her eyes casting forward to half open door of the bathroom.

"Rory? R, is that you?" A dry voice pleaded. Rory gently pushed the door open, ignoring the voice in her head that told her to get her stuff and leave immediately. "R, I'm sorry." Calum sobbed as Rory pushed the door further open, the purple haired girl took a deep breath and looked down at Calum.

His once tame brown hair was long and unbelievably curly, his chocolate brown eyes were surrounded by dark black rings, his face unshaven (not that there was much stubble) and his face stained with tears and dried blood. "Ana, have you found him?" Michaels voice yelled from the living room as Rory stared at her former best friend.

Calum shook his head violently, as if he was begging Rory to say no to Michaels question. "I-I haven't found him, can you get my stuff from my room? I need to pee." She yelled back, her hands shaking as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Calum looked up at Rory, his body shaking as he moved into the corner of the room, shuffling his body away from Rory. "Calum," Rory whimpered, "Cal, speak to me, please." She begged as she crouched on the floor, her face level with Calum's. "I fücked up, I ruined everything, Rory." Calum cried.

Rory's heart broke at Calum's words. She knew that he had majorly messed up, hell, he ruined their friendship but she could never leave him in this state. "You need to get help," Rory sighed, her small hand reaching out to brush Calum's hair away from his forehead.

Calum reached his frail hand up and grasped Rory's in his. "I'm trying, I'm trying so hard but I can't! I can't do it." He cried as Rory reached over and held his head to her chest, her own years falling into Calum's hair as she held him.

"You've done it before, you can do it again Calum. Do it for me, please." Rory pleaded. Calum looked up at Rory and sniffed, "Are you still with Michael?" Rory nodded hesitantly.

"I'm sorry, R. I never meant to hurt
him, or you. I was so mad that he was going to take the best thing in my life from me." Calum cried once more and those words broke Rory's heart. "Calum Thomas Hood, Michael would have never taken me from you, you were my best friend, we lived together for Gods sake!" Rory fumed.

Rory pushed herself away from Calum and sat with her back against the bathroom door. "Princess, we're going." Michael knocked gently on the door. Rory swallowed the lump in her throat, "Okay, I'm coming." Calum looked at Rory and ran his hands through his hair.

"Get yourself some help, give me a call once you're back," Rory mumbled as she stood up, her eyes scanning over Calum once more before leaving the bathroom, Calum's pleads echoing in her mind as she left the place she once called home.

~ ~ ~

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