Chapter 19

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After arriving to the school, we realized that we had only a few minutes until dinner. Jack and I shape-shifted, me into a tiger, and Jack into a wolf. But we had to stop frequently, because Snow and Tanya couldn't keep up.

We reached the doors of the hall right when the bell rang. Both of us shifted back into humans. Actually, I shifted into my dark form. I stopped switching into my human form some time ago, since I felt more comfortable in my dark form. Tynan warned me that I should change into my normal form every now and then, but I haven't done so in a few days. I decided to do it tomorrow.

I opened the doors as Tanya and Snow caught up, and as a mass of students approached the door. We went in and took our usual places, waiting for everyone to settle in and for the Headmaster to announce the tournament.

A few minutes later, everybody was sitting calmly and the Headmaster cleared his throat.

'Good evening, students! I have some important news- the Tournament! As most of you know, we organize the Tournament every year. There are different fields of competition- Dragon flight and Element and weapon fight. For those two competitions, one student from each year and part is chosen to compete. We've chosen the students- For the second, third, fourth and fifth year it will be the same as before for those two things. Here's the first year competitors- Earthquake: Flight, Johanna Right, and battle- Michael Gray. Tornado: Flight, Joshua Greenfield and battle: Helen Marco. Fate: Flight, Rico Yellowstone and battle, Tanya Beroast. ' The Headmaster said. He was greeted with an applause and us congratulating Tanya.

The Headmaster cleared his throat, asking for silence as he spoke again. 'There is also one more field of competition, and that is dragon team battle. Representatives from each year and part are chosen. There are five roles, and students are chosen from each year. Roles are: Guardian, the role that fights only with a shield and Elements, archer, bow, arrows and Elements, assassin, daggers and Elements, and two chargers that get a sword and Elements. The arena is enchanted so that nobody can get hurt. For example, if somebody falls of their dragon, they won't get hurt. The goal is to get the opponents to fall of their dragons. Daggers and swords will only cause pain, but no damage will be done. Now, the students from older years are same as last year. Here are the first year chosen' He said as he pulled out a piece of paper and began to read.

'Earthquake: Archer, Tony Geldof. Tornado: Charger, Jacob Gust' All four of us cringed that name. Jacob Gust was the guy that tried to kill us. I gritted my teeth as he his friends cheered.

'Fate: Assassin, Medea Beroast.' He said as Jack, Snow and Tanya cheered for me. I grinned, happy that I was chosen.

'For those of you that are competing, tomorrow isn't a free day. You will train with your mentors and other students from your part. I wish you all luck.' The Headmaster said and sat down, food appearing on our plates and conversations breaking in.

'Congratulations, both of you! Medea, you and I are going to train with the rest of the team and individually. There are no rules, and you can use your Elements as much as you want. Tanya and Snow, you should train together since both of you are chosen to fight. We need to win this year!' Jack said seriously.

Snow rolled his eyes. 'He always gets super serious.... But he'll be normal tomorrow, when the training starts.' He said.

Tanya was too busy eating to say anything, and I wasn't that hungry. Suddenly, I felt someone approach me and turned around to see Tynan.

'Hello, Tynan' I said. He nodded in greeting.

'Switch into your human form' He said sternly.

'Why?' I asked, confused.

'Your other eye is almost completely red. Do it, now' He said. Tanya, Jack and Snow looked at me in surprised once they realized that what Tynan said is true. I imagined myself switching into a human.

'There.' I said.

'You didn't switch! Concentrate or you'll be taken by your dark side completely, and that isn't good!' Tynan said urgently as I felt my hearth slowing down, and stopping. My vision was starting to shimmer and get sharper, but weirder. I could smell blood.

I felt myself losing control as I sensed two light-filled bodies around me. I didn't like them, so I hissed, about to attack them. But I heard a voice in the distance, telling me to come back.

I concentrated hard a I broke through my dark side, changing back into a human.

I felt tired. I opened my eyes to see my Tynan and the others looking at me in relief. Other students were either eating or talking, so I suspected that they didn't see the change. Tynan's relief suddenly turned into anger.

'I told you to change once a day! We almost lost you! Don't turn into your dark form until tomorrow, or it will take you again!' He said as he marched off.

'Are you okay?' All three of them asked at the same time. I nodded.

'Yes, my head just hurts a bit.'

'Your eyes were red and you were about to attack Tynan and Tanya... Snow and I were telling you to come back, and Tynan was about to knock you out, but you heard us, thankfully.' Jack said.

'I'm going to listen to him from now on...' I said as I got up. 'I don't know about you, but I'm going to sleep. I'm tired and we have training tomorrow.' I said as I shifted into a raven. Tanya and Snow were about to come, but knowing that they couldn't keep up, they looked at Jack, who turned into a hawk and caught up to me. He flew with me to my room, where we said goodbye as I went straight to bed. 

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