Cat attacks - Chapter one

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"But we don't wanna go to bed." I could hear my brothers groan in unison.

"Sucks for you doesn't it. Tommorow is the first day of school and I do not want three grumpy boys on my watch."

They all share in a sad sign and march up stairs.

"Jordan it's your first day of grade eleven. You best get to bed now too!" Mom yelled from the kitchen.

Its only ten I complain to myself, I shift under the covers "G'night, mom."

"Sweet dreams."

Pssh as if I am going to bed at ten.
I can hear mom going into her room. Knowing her she should be out like a light in less than a minute

After a good 3 hours of deciding what to wear I finally narrow it down to two outfits.

Option one, a maroon lacy mid drift with high waisted light wash jeans.

Option two a tie dye halter top and some black tights

Option two is more my style but this is a new year... I might wanna spice things-

My trail of thought was interrupted by soft echoes outside my door.

I jumped on my bed and scurried into the corner.
The boys never really stay up past eleven and mom is basically dead until seven in the morning...

I stopped breathing to try and focus in on the demon creature lurking behind my door.

I almost began to feel relieved when...


I look around and grabbed the nearest objects. A couple throw pillows, a stuffed elephant and my bedside lamp.

I looked to the floor and saw my savior. A Nerf gun.

For once the boys not cleaning up was a little helpful.

I make quick sharp movements to grab the Nerf gun when all of a sudden the door pushes open.

"Holy shit!" I screech inconceivably.

I wildly shot the Nerf gun only to have a stay bullet hit the wall and rebound straight into my nose.

In the commotion I could hear a hiss.

I very slowly peeked my head through the covers to see my cat, raisin, sitting on the floor chewing on a foam bullet.

I take a sigh of relief as I get up.

I recollect. What was I doing again? Oh right.

I get up and grab option number 2.
"Another time." I say as I fold it up.

I stare down at tomorrows outfit.
"Raisin, is it missing something..?"

Raisin ran his tail against my shin as he walked over to my closet and curled up in a ball, a habit he has gotten into, sometimes I wake up and find my clothes in his little cat bed.

"Your one dumb cat. I love you." I say.

My gaze shifts from raisin to the cream wool cardigan above him.

Its perfect!

After picking out several nice rings for my newest back to school ensemble I laid back down in bed.

"G'night Raisin."

Authors note: Hey guys, this is my first book so I apologize for poor writing :").

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