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Jocelyn's POV

-outfits on top for girls-

I checked the time it was 10:30 I got up and did my routine and texted Marina and Kalolaine.

Text convo:

J- Helllollooooo☺️🌞🌞🌞☀️☀️☀️

M- hii⭐️


J- have you guys talked to jennifer

M- she is asleep

J- of course she is



M- did you guys pack

K- no

J- im half way

M- i just finished i would pack if i were you

K- im on it

J- when are we leaving

K- in 3 hours

J- bye

M- ok.....where is kimberly and the guys

K- they went somewhere

M- ok i gtg bye

K- bye🌺

-3 hours later-

We all met up at the lobby and went inside the van and the driver drove us to the


-after flight-

Kimberly's POV

Finally we go to Omaha, I heard its a fun city to live in I wonder if it is.

We go through the whole baggage claim and all that and Shawn told me this other p

group was gonna pick us up I wonder who.

Johnson's POV

We got to the airport and went inside and hold up a sign so they will know its us.

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