Dirty Justin Bieber imagine #1 part 1

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So one day your sitting in your room and you hear the door bell ring so you go downstairs and answer the door you see 3 guys Justin, Ryan, and Chaz they were your brothers friends so you let them in as they walked in the living roomand you went up stairs and went to your brother Christian’s bed room and knocked “your friends are here” you said, so he opened the door and said “ok come on in guys” so you walked back in your room while Justin, Ryan, and Chaz went up to your brothers room. So you fell asleep you woke up at 1:54 am you went to the bathroom and then back in your room and stayed awake on your phone then you heard something down stairs you were scared that it could have been someone trying to break in so you went down stairs you hear the noise coming from the kitchen so you were tip-toeing to the kitchen and hiding behind some furniture then you saw that it was Christian and Justin and Chaz, and Ryan were sleeping. So you still did not want them to see you so you stayed hiding behind a couch listening to there conversation

“so how are you and Selena doing?”

“we broke up” Justin said looking down

“oh sorry to hear it, so do you have an eye out for another girl?”

“yeah” Justin said while looking up at your room

“cool whats her name?”

“it’s a secret” Justin said while biting his lip 

so then Christian and Justin went in the living room to watch tv so you had to almost run around the couch for them not to see you so you went up stairs and acted like you were asleep when Christian passed by to go to the bathroom

~later at 2:43 everyone was sleeping so you went down stairs and turned on the tv and started watching a scary movie “the ring” then Justin showed up almost scaring the shit out of you “what you doing?” he said “nothing” you said paying attention to the movie so he sat down with you. After the ring ended you too watched “a haunted house which is a comedy and has some inappropriate scenes in it”

Justin saw that you were a little tired so he let you put your head on his lap then there was a inappropriate part playing so you turned your head and your head touched his part a little so you looked up at Justin you saw that he bit his lip and closed his eyes which made you get turned on  so you got up and said u needed to get something in your room so you walked up stairs and thought “Justin looked so cute, it gets me turned on so much but he is my brothers friend it would not make scene” so you snapped out of it when you saw Justin in your door way

“are you okay y/n” he asked looking up and down your body while biting his lip

“yes” you nodded 

he then walked in your room to you he then started kissing you you did not try pushing him away or anything, Then he pushed you on your bed and starts to french you and kiss your neck and you started to moan but you remember that you have to be quiet so you don’t wake the other boys you then pushed him so you would be on top, and took off your shirt and started to kiss him again while taking off his shirt and feeling his abs so Justin got up still kissing you and taking off your bra then you both got up and took off your pants then you laid back down and Justin said “i’m gonna give you the best time of your life” and he went down on his knees at the end of the bed and started to rub your thighs and you stayed there trying to hold back your moans but let some out then he started to lick your vagina and he put his hand over your mouth then you put your hands an his head.

Then you got up and he laid down on the bed while you started giving him a b.j. you started licking the tip of his penis and he started to hold back his moans and pushed your head down, Then you started thrusting your hand on his penis his breath started getting heavier and heavier and you could tell he was close so you started going faster and faster  and he came all over your hand then he picked you up by your hips you threw you on the bed and started to put his penis in you then you stopped him and said that you were still a virgin so  he said “don’t worry i’ll try to make it feel good” then he started going slow at first it hurt  but it also felt good. Then he starts going deeper and deeper you started to scream a little so he covered your mouth then you did not feel the pain anymore and you started wanting to moan so you pushed him on the bed on his back so that you would be on top and he put his hands on your hips and started moving them and he started moaning a little then you both started to breathing heavily and you both came then you both realized that christian was peeking through the door crack so you both covered yourself with the bed sheets.

“Dude how can you have sex with my little sister?!?!?!” Christian said almost about to almost wanting to choke Justin

“why are you so mad about me and Justin having sex” you yelled 

then you heard Ryan, and Chaz wake up and walk to your room and their eyes wide open so you grabbed a blanket and rapped it around you and closed the door so you and Justin could change. You started crying because Christian would not want you to going out so then Justin saw you crying and held you and said “don’t cry its gonna be ok y/n i’ll work this out with christian…”

hope you enjoyed part 1 of dirty Justin Bieber imagines. Tune in for part 2!!! Please leave a comment!!

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