[ a/n: remember, they're in their fetus/semi-fetus stages but as seniors in high school. picture on the side/top of what they look like, as well as the song for this chapter - What Happened To Your Band? by McBusted. ]

Upon waking up, Luke couldn't shake the dream he had from his mind.

Him, in a band? No way, he thought.

He was too shy and awkward to barely even make one friend, let alone three of them.

And what was with that band name, 5 Seconds of Summer, anyways? There were only four of them. Not to mention they were formed in winter, not summer. It just didn't make sense to him.

Also, there was that one guy he couldn't stand right from the beginning and he knew that guy felt the same towards him. No way would he ever start a band with that kid.

What was his name again? Luke ignored it, not caring if he remembered it or not as he looked up at the computer in front of him, the YouTube signup page displayed on the screen.

He ran a hand through his messy blond hair and sighed, pushing himself away from the desk he sat at.

He glanced at the screen one more time before shaking his head and getting up so he could get ready for school.

[ a/n: thoughts? should i continue with this? reminder, this is just the prologue/insight to the story which is why it's short af. ]

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