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"Deadlox, this is pointless..."

"Oh, shut up. TrueMU isn't getting any better so I thought it'd be nice to get him a present."

Sky turns around and glares at Deadlox. "Oh, and budder doesn't suffice as a present?!" Deadlox looks up from staring at the ground. "I never said that!"

Sky continues walking, but quickens his pace and intensity of his steps towards the store.

"Stop pouting," Deadlox mumbled. Sky's ears perked up but showed no sign of interest.

As they got to the store, Sky had gotten over his temper-tantrum and Deadlox had caught up. They walked in the store, side by side, and started looking for something to cheer up their sick friend.

"What about this?" Sky held up a card that had fancy designs and seemed to be budder-plated. Deadlox looked in the direction and gave a disapproving look. "What..." Sky asked, cocking his head to one side, confused.

As Sky went on his never ending search for more budder, Deadlox looked for a simple, yet meaningful gift for TrueMU. He had found it. It was a stuffed Jeffrey with a card that said 'Get well soon, astronaut!' The three of them were easily the most famous people in Woodside Cove. Not so much in Bananarine and North Haven, but still considerably important.

"I found it!" exclaimed Deadlox, showing Sky the toy Jeffrey. "This is perfect. We have to get this for TrueMU."

Sky snatched the pig out of Deadlox's hand and said "Aw, a Jeffrey, how cute."

"Shut the hell up!" Deadlox yelled. He turned away, his face burning. "Let's go pay and get out of here."

They did just that.

As soon as the two of them got home, they heard the mumbling and hacking for their sickly friend. They cringed at the sounds of lolligoitis (Squid Fever).

"It's gotten worse." Deadlox said with a worried tone.

"Chill, dude. He'll get better, don't worry." Sky tried to comfort Deadlox, who was clandestinely wiping away a tear streaking across his cheek.

"Let's go." Deadlox straightened up to hide his sorrow.

As they walked in the room, TrueMU had just finished one of many of his coughing attacks and was drinking some milk. Deadlox stood against the opening of the door silently.

"Hey, buddy. How are you feeling?" Sky said condescendingly.

He only mumbled. His throat, still irritated from recent hacking, looked as swollen and red ever.

Sky sat on the edge of the bed and felt TrueMU's forehead. "The doctor is coming in a few hours to check your progress. Did you take those pills you were prescribed?" TrueMU slouched down and pulled the covers over his nose, signaling that he had not had his pills and didn't plan on having them anytime soon.

Sky glared, but not as intense as he would've if he hadn't been sick. "I'll be back in ten minutes to make sure you take those pills. I gotta go talk to Dawn." Sky got up and left. Deadlox walked over from the door and sat down in a chair next to TrueMU's bed. TrueMU turned to look at Deadlox. Deadlox looked up. The eye-contact felt distant and uncaring. Deadlox looked away and became furious.

"You didn't have to do it." Silence. "I could take them on myself. You didn't have to sacrifice yourself. If anything, I should've protected you better." More silence. Deadlox, even more agitated, stood up viciously and marched over to the desk across the room, ripped open the drawers, grabbed something and came back. He handed TrueMU a whiteboard and a marker. "Write!" demanded Deadlox, shoving the marker and board towards the bedridden astronaut. He took the marker and board slowly, still a bit whoosy from some extra medicine. He wrote two words:

​​​​​I'm sorry.

Deadlox lost it. He collapsed into the chair and cried silently into his cupped hands.

The doctor came a few hours later and talked to Sky and Dawn. He had not yet found a possible cure for lolligoitis. Deadlox heard and went up to his room. No one followed. Sky and Dawn talked quietly in the living room for the next hour while the doctor tended to TrueMU.

TrueMU's ears perked up at the sound of Deadlox's door unlocking and opening. It made him even happier when his own door opened and revealed the hunched over figure with wet cheeks and red eyes. Deadlox straightened up and toughened up; his natural defense mechanism for situations like this. The doctor left to go get extra medicine from his car. Deadlox went over and kissed TrueMU's forehead lovingly. They both blushed, but Deadlox fixed the awkwardness by saying "Sorry, my mom took temperature that way. You're really warm. Do you want me to open a window or turn on a fan?" TrueMU nodded and Deadlox went over and opened the window next to the bed. A fresh gust of air blew through the open window and made TrueMU smile. Deadlox loved seeing TrueMU smile and smiled along with him.

Deadlox sat down and started talking to TrueMU. "Why did you do it?" TrueMU, who had been smiling and looking outside was now frowning and staring deep into Deadlox's dark brown eyes, hiding behind a wall of hair which had been ruffled during the time of solitude. He uncapped the marker with his teeth and wrote on the board:

​​​​Because we're friends.

Deadlox winced at this and asked with a shaky voice "But now look at you. You got bit by one of those infected squids and now you're on death row all because of me!" Deadlox could break down at any moment. He couldn't take it anymore. The guilt of letting his friend die. His regret of never telling his true feelings. He needed to do something. He looked down and felt contempt with himself.

He looked up, his eyes sparkling. The last thing he said was "I have an idea!" before sprinting out of the room, down the stairs. He ran past Dawn, and called out "Where's Sky?!" She replied "He's outside talking to the doctor."

He bolted outside and found the doctor and Sky discussing the lolligoitis. Sky turned and saw Deadlox bolting towards him. They almost collided into each other.

"I have an idea!" Deadlox shouted thrilled as to what he had discovered.

"What is it, Deadlox?" Sky asked discouraged and upset that Deadlox could be so happy at a time like this.

"We need to go talk to the Squid King. Now."

"What, why?!"

"He might have a cure!"

"Deadlox there's no known cu-"

"If anyone would know, it'd be him wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, but he-"

"I understand he's a squid! But we need to do this for TrueMU."

Sky stopped and thought about this for a good thirty seconds before saying anything.

"Ok. Let's do dis."

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