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(((Gore details may be triggering to some)))


I woke up feeling oddly refreshed, enveloped in a warm soft cover. I felt like I was home again. I open my eyes to see my bedside table, and my fluffy cover. I quickly sat up on my bed. Wait.
What? My tv, my closet, and everything is here. Am I really home?

I throw the cover off me, wanting to find some answers. I get to the kitchen and see my friend, yes
I called her a friend shush, Megan. She was washing the dishes, in an awfully calm manner. Didn't she have a whole bunch of things to ask me. Why was she so still yet moving so swiftly?
I got chills from the coldness of the house. No windows seemed to be open, and we always have the heater on. Whats going on?
"Hello Belial, how was your crazy night out. You came home pretty late" She paused to giggle a little "I was almost starting to get worried." She shut the water off and dried her hands. I was beyond confused, what does she mean I went out, to have a crazy night?

"What are you talking about Megan? I've been missing for weeks. Aren't you going to ask me about that?" Another gust of cold wind hit me. Why was it so cold in here? I held myself with my arms. Pulling myself together, this situation was driving me insane. More insane, than I already think I am.
She finally turns around to face me. I couldn't tell you what it was directly, but something about her face bugged me. Her eerie and large smile caused me to frown, then her eyes seemed wider than any other humans i've seen. It looked like she hadn't blinked for hours, like she was in constant pain. And she was having trouble hiding it.
"Megan?" I called out to this person who I'm starting to doubt is my friend.

"Do it Belial, please, for me?" She starts walking towards me robotically.
"You want to, and you know it" she picks up one of the knives she had just washed and continues to come towards me. I turn around and run for my room. I immediately lock the door, and get my nightstand to place it in front of the door. I backed away cautiously. There was no banging on the door as I thought there would be. For a few minutes there was nothing but the noise of my heavy breathing and my overflowing thoughts. That thing out there is definitely not Megan. Then what could it be?

I look in my closet for any kind of weapon, and I remembered, my machete. Look, a girls gotta protect herself in this creepy city somehow. And although guns are far too easy to get in this country, I'd rather not shoot my foot off. I take the nightstand away from the door, and I contemplate for a few seconds. What am I doing? Am I about to kill Megan, no no. That thing isn't Megan. But what if it is and she's trapped in whatever thing that is. Oh man, I can't believe the shit situation i'm in. Fuck it.

Machete being tightly held in my right hand, I unlock the door and swing it open. There she was in front of me, still smiling and holding the small knife. She looks down at my weapon, her smile drops, but then it turns into a pleased smirk. This robot thing drops the knife, and starts to walk away. What was it doing? Was it scared?
I followed still worried if I should go through with this. We end up in the kitchen, she stops in the center, but doesn't turn to me. "I knew you were weak, it only takes a little to anger you. And it only takes a little to fall in love with someone too." it starts laughing "You know what I'm talking about, the worst thing you can do is fall in love with someone who could never love you back. And you've gone and done just that." Now it's broken into a fit of laughter.

The air turns from being mid February, to mid July. I was hot in the face with anger. My blood boiling and hair raising pure hatred was making me feel powerful. I could take on anything. I could take on her. I raise the machete with both hands and say my last words to this.. this monster. "Shut up!"
Quickly, she turns around and I stop half way from attacking it. "You can't really kill your conscience, stupid."

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