Your first kiss Bts V

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One day you are at the park to play with your little sister then you hear someone call your name. Y/N. Y/N. It is non other then your boyfriend bts v. You have been dating v for a long time , but didn't have you first kiss yet. Oh hey V missed you baby. You had said to v as wrapped his arms around his waist his fav move on you. You were used to him giving him a hug, pecks on the cheek ,and cuddling, but nothing else because you would always blush even when he is only one foot away. Hey Y/N i am so tired ,but i got a surprise for you. You were so happy because he would give you the best surprises for you .On your way home you could not get your mind of the surprise because he knows what you want . You wanted to have your first kiss with him .

V p.o.v. i am so scared because she might not like what i will give her.i am scared. No ones p.o.v. as the entered there shared house he put a blindfold on her head so he would not be able to see him. As he closed up yo her she started to blush then he put his lips on her lips then stared to lick her lips then she opened her lips so he can put his tongue in. "Lets take this to the bedroom Y/N " v said then you slowly nodded your head in embarrassment. You can imagine the rest.!!!

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