Part One - He likes you

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Okay, so it was a random idea I got while I was bored at work and had nothing to do. Et voila, new story for you :). And before you say, I know, I know, I've already got, like, a gazillion - okay, so it's now up to, I think, eight, nine or ten, I can't remember - but I'm considering deleting one and just putting the prologue into my short story collection because I can't really think where to go with it. But this one, you see, this one I have many ideas and directions for.

Enjoy, fan and vomment. Thanks, Josie, x.


Part One

He likes you

   "Hey, hey, Codie." Ginge shouted across the table in Science. Okay, he's called Thomas but everyone calls him Ginge and there are far too many Toms to differentiate between so if one comes with a ready made nickname then, hell, it makes my life a whole lot easier."What?" I groaned, lifting my head up from my work and looking at him, all of the guys' eyes on me. 

   Did I mention that I sat on a table with eleven guys? I didn't? Oh, well, basically we got to sit wherever we wanted but I came into class late and had to sit in the only available seat - one crammed in between a bunch of fifteen year old guys that possess brains the sizes of peanuts.

   "Bob likes you." Ginge said with a grin on his face as all the others looked between Bob and I.

   So, a little info here for you. Bob is actually called Robert but was deemed with the name Bob and developed 'Bobin Hood' through our Science table. Bob's a nice guy, funny and smart and an alright friend - even if he does have a tendency to take the short jokes against me a little too far.

   Now, back to Science. What a normal girl would do if this happened to her (imagine I'm this - ick - normal girl): Feeling my cheeks heat up a little, I looked back down to my work and muttered a simple "No, he doesn't. You're just messing around.", while Bob voiced his opinions about how he didn't and that they were lying.

   However, you've got to remember that I'm not a normal girl, I' - and that's as good as it's going to get. Placing my hand over my heart and turning to look at Bob, I smiled at him and said "Aww, Bob, I'm flattered - really, I am  - but, well, you're just not my type and I'm not yours. I hope we can still be friends." I said it in a voice that he knew I was taking the piss and brushing the awkward comment off of my shoulder as he tried to deny it. It was true though, he wasn't my type. He was my friend type but that's as far as it would go with Bob's and mine 'relationship'. Also, another reason I wouldn't ever see Bob as my type was because I had eyes for someone else. Someone that checked almost every thing off of my 'a perfect guy in the eyes of Codie' list - you'll hear about that another time, though - the only thing this guy was missing was an accent that could make my heart melt, but he did, however, have a gorgeous voice. It was like melted plain chocolate: warm, dark, mysterious, rolls off of the tongue, good with dessert. Sorry, excuse my fantasies there. So, because of this guy, nobody else would really be 'my type' even if they were perfect.

   Later in that lesson, there was more banter about Bob liking me as well as things about Bob being 'rejected by a midget'. Luckily for me, after that lesson it was lunch so I was free of them all until sixth period, when we had Science again. The time went so fast at lunch, much of which was spent with me spying Him across the canteen and daydreaming about him and I being together. Honestly, I swear my mind's out just to torture me in the cruelest ways possible. Oh well, I'll survive. I suppose. I'd have to. That was life, wasn't it? We couldn't always have what we wanted but had to always settle for what we could get.

   As I sat in IT with my friends, they gossiped away about Elle's new boyfriend, Henry. Apparently he was going to be all Casey spoke about for a while. While they gabbled away about how great he was to Elle, Alicia and I started to randomly sing a song between ourselves. We weren't the greatest singers - and we knew it - but we still had fun doing it.'Hey soul sister' was being sung between us when Casey suddenly said "Can you two stop? It's really annoying and - honestly - not that good." We just stared at her before carrying on, getting a little louder, but not loud enough so that the rest of the class could hear us. Sighing, she turned away and went to shoot more questions at Elle about Henry.

   After listening to Casey's nosiness and hearing her demanding voice blurt questions at Elle for nearly twenty minutes, I turned towards her and said "Can you two stop? It's really annoying and - honestly - not that interesting." I mocked her tone, knowing I'd be ignored for the rest of the day by the two of them. Alicia tried to hold in a laugh but failed and it came out as a very unlady-like snort. This got me laughing my ass off which, as expected, got me moved to a different seat. luckily, it was almost the end of the lesson so I was only sat there for just under ten minutes. Admittedly, a very dull ten minutes but it was productive and I finished the piece of work early.

   Oh God, Science next. So, I go from one tediously annoying class to another one. Yippee for me, I though sarcastically to myself. Oh well, once the awkwardness is out of the way, we usually have a good laugh about random stuff when we have a sub - as we did this lesson. Our Science teacher had been called away towards the end of fourth period as her son had been taken to hospital.

   "Eugh! That's gross, I'm not touching it!" Is what any normal girl would have said when a piece of sandwich meat - chicken, I think - landed in front of her during Science. Ginge had pulled it out of his uneaten sandwich and had started throwing it about the long table. When it made its way to me, however, I simply picked it up and threw it above heads so it landed on Ginge's flaming head. Good job I had a pretty decent aim. As you can see, I'm not easily grossed out. The class went on with the chicken being tossed about, myself and half of the table laughing our heads off, until the sub came over, picked it up and dropped it back on the table, jumping back in disgust and telling Ginge to throw it away. The final five minutes of the lesson were spent stifling our laughter as we each gave each other names that were either a harry Potter character or derived from one. I became Codagog - from Aragog the giant spider - due to my temper and tendency to act slightly...ferocious, I think was the word one of the guys had said. Toby became Dumbletoby for a reason I can't remember, Ginge was Ron with the self-explanatory reason of gingerness, Emerson became Hermione - this was due to the irony of the fact that Hermione had so much hair while Emerson had so little - and Bob became Hagrid because of his abnormally large height. The others got names also, but they didn't stick as much as ours did.

   On the way towards the bottom gate where I met my friends to walk home, I saw Him walking out of an IT suite and figured he must have had Science in there. Nothing, however, stopped me from slowing my pace and taking in his gorgeous self. Yeah, he so rocked the whole tall, dark and handsome look. So much so that he had me hooked like a carp to a baited line. The only difference between the carp and I was that the carp had to guts to go for what it wanted. Did I? Hell no! 

   I wasn't exactly one of the populars at this school and blending in was about the only thing I had going for me. Sure, I got good grades and was in set one for everything, yeah, I had my friends but at the end of the day that meant nothing to the people that had a habit of looking down their noses at people. As shallow as it sounds, I don't want the populars - the cliqué He was part of - looking at me like I'm a freak.

   I know I probably sound really sad, but I don't want to be seen like a complete social reject in high school. I mean, at best, I'm average. I'm short - hence the short jokes I get a lot of the time - I don't have blonde hair, it's been numerous colours after dying it. From blonde highlights a few years back to red and now a dark brown that's turning lighter with the sun, my boobs aren't huge - hell, I'm filling an A while some girls in my year are Cs and Ds - I'm not anorexic thin but I'm not huge, I'm just sort of...ish, I suppose, I have curves that are about the only thing I like, short legs and brown eyes which just annoy me as I'd love to have green-hazel eyes with crazy flecks of random colour like Alicia had, oh and one other thing I liked was the fact that my skin tanned easily.

  So, all in all you could say I was a midget with tiny boobs, brown hair that is being constantly straightened and a love for heavy eye liner. You see, I don't really have much going for me. My hobbies don't help either. Writing, reading, obsessing over Glee, living on Facebook and Tumblr, cooking, sewing, knitting and doing that general nerdy crap. So, I don't change myself to fit in, I just don't shout about what I do in my free time too much.

   Okay, so here's a list of my abnormalities so far compared to normal girls:

One: I crush over one guy, not many.

Two: I'll gladly mess around with the guy's to have a good laugh.

Three: My name sounds like a guys name.

Four: I'm a big nerd.

Five: I'm not pretty.

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