Let me tell you, Allen. 4

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With darkness prevailing and stars shining up above, it seems like we're inside a glittered bottle. But we're actually in a cemetery which I don't know why she brought me here.

"Where are we?" she does not bother to look back at me, her head's looking forward to the sky with eyes closed. I repeat my question, "Where are we?"

"D'you need to bother knowing the name of the place? Can you just simply tell where we are? Or..." she opens her eyes and gives me the gaze that has run all the shivers down to my spine, "Or are you afraid to get lost?"

"Lost? Nah, not even possible. I may not be from this country but heck will I be lost."

"Really? Where are you from then?"

"I'm from the Philippines." 

"Far, eh? You miss it there?"

"Hella yes. But I won't bother going back."


"I can't go back." we sit to the ground beside the gravestones. Why did she even bother to bring me here in this creepy place? It's just as creepy as her, I swear to this gravestones.

"Why? Don't tell me you're dying 'coz I'm really gonna kill you if you start going pessimist again." she shot me a threatening look.

"Well aside from that, what's there to go back if the girl you love is already at ease and happy? It'll only tear my heart to see her with someone else and it will keep reminding me that this disease took her away from me."

"What?! You left a girlfriend in your country?"

"I HAD a girlfriend. I broke up with her a long time ago, well as soon as I knew this illness."

"Bastard! Why did you do that?!"

"What do you even care." I pick up a small stone on the floor and throw it back to the ground.

"I should care."

"Huh? You have nothing to do with me. You don't know me, I don't know you. So tell me, why would a complete stranger care? Maybe you're just playing around with me and I gotta tell you that it's quite annoying."


"Aray!" bakit nya ako biglang sinapok. =___=

"What's 'aray'?!"

"It means ouch you brat. How dare you hit me." =__=

"Aray!" she repeats in her accent, "Aray! Aray! haha! So cute. Well, I hit you 'coz you're a meanie. You speak nothing but harshness."

"Tss. Stop saying aray with your accent, it sounds stupid. And I'm not a meanie, you're just acting like a brat. And how old are you?"


"You act twelve." =__=

"I hate you." she pouts.

"Don't worry, feeling's mutual." =___=

 "You're stiff and maybe that's why you left your girlfriend." she hugs her knees.


"You are deaf." she sticks her tongue out.

"I am not, you said I am stiff and that's why I left my girlfriend. What's that suppose to mean, kid?!"

"See, you heard it and you still asked me the What question. Now tell me, who's the kid? It's you. If 'ya heard it already, stop asking."

"You twat! Can you just answer my question and not divert it to a foolish talk?!" yes, I guess it's true that I'm a meanie but how can you avoid it when you're talking to an abnormal person like this Shekinah girl here?! =__=

"Fine. You're stiff," she points at me then lower it to my left chest, "And that's a scaredy cat, running away from the possibilities. Running away from the outcome. Too scared to hurt someone, too scared to hurt himself, too scared to face courage. Not daring and taking the risk and surely not an optimist... and a real masochist. So that's why you left your girlfriend 'coz you're just so stiff and a scaredy cat, very scared to hurt someone that you actually aim to hurt her a little than hurting her more in the future."

My jaw almost drop with what she just said, "How did you know that? I don't remember telling any details like that to you."

She's taken aback, "Really? You told it to me."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes you did, you got alzheimers Allen."

"No I don't. Tell me, how did you know that I left her 'coz I don't want to hurt her a lot more by staying at her side?" I don't remember telling her details before and it's freaking me out that such phrases escaped from her mouth.

"Yes, you just told me. Don't lie!" I'm not the one lying, she is. She does not even bother looking straight in my eyes.

"You really are a constant liar and a big mystery to me. Tell me, who are you? I have a hunch that you're just lying about your personality and you're pretending that you don't know me when infact, you intended to knock at my wall in the first place because you want to take my attention 'coz you actually know me. For inexplicable reasons, you know me." I come closer to her and she pushes me away.

She looks down on the ground, hugs her knees tightly and speak with such sadness, "Don't say such foolishness. Just thank me and stop asking." 

"Thank you for what?" the more I talk to her the more I get confused. It's like all my questions are piling up in a big mountain and not even one's getting an answer.

"Stop asking, please?" she looks at me with her pleading eyes. With those eyes, I had the urge to just nod and not say a word anymore. I've never seen such shallow eyes that I can't even see my reflection in it.

An eerie silence occupied the whole graveyard. No one dare to speak after. We stay there like zipped zombies, it was awkward at first but long after the silence became comfortable enough that we just lay on one of the gravestones and watch the stars up above and...

I fell asleep and waking up on my hospital bed the next day. Was last night a dream? Shekinah, you mystify me.


Denny's note: YES! I'm off to post the last chapter. Just wait for the next, that'll be the last. I swear. I know that this is too short but that's how it is, this is just a give away sequel. Just to let you guys know what happened to Allen after 11ways. But I do hope you guys won't hate me after I post the last chapter, maybe you guys have a hunch already and yeah... I really hope you won't despise me.

Feel free to correct grammatical and spelling errors, I really don't mind. Thanks in advance. :3

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