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Imagine: The Winchesters finding you on a hunt, and Dean can't help but fall for you, which results in him asking you out.

There was a wendigo in the woods of some mountain in Colorado. I had hunted a few of them before, but I hated these monsters the most. They were the reason my family was dead, the reason I started hunting. Sometimes I had a few hunter friends who came with me to hunt these SOBs, but this time they were all out hunting their own cases, so I went on my own. This wendigo had killed three people in the last week, so I knew it was gonna be tough to gank, but I had to do it, who else would? I got to the mountain and I was walking around the woods until I hearda noise. I started running towards the noise, flare gun in hand, but the further I ran the less I heard it. Then, all of a sudden, i was pushed to a tree. I hit my head and cut it, but I was determined to find out who the hell was attacking me. They were two men. One who was my height (he was really, really hot) and the other like a giant (he was pretty cute too). The guy who was my height let go of me and immediately apologized and he kept staring at me. It was nice having a hot guy look at me the way he did. I looked at the two guys and said, "What the hell are you guys doing out here. Its not safe, and it's almost night." The giant looked at me and said, "Were, uh, hunting. And we know its not safe, but we have protection. You, however need to get out of here right now." The giant gently started pushing me out of the woods, and in one swift move, I took him down. I then looked at Dean as if I would do the same to him, but he just kept looking at me. I looked away quick, hoping he wouldn't notice I was blushing. I helped the giant up and said, "Thanks for your concern, but I can handle myself." Thats when the giant went to his friend, I think, and started having a secret talk. I waited for them to turn towards me, and sooner or later they did. The hot one looked at me for a few moments and finally asked, "Are you a hunter? Like one that ganks different things?" I looked at him, confused, and finally replied, "So you do speak," and I gave him a small smirk, I could tell he was kind of blushing. "Yes, I am a hunter, and by the looks of it so are you," I finished, and the giant one just gave me a smile. "I'm Sam Winchester, and this is my brother Dean." "Of course, the infamous Winchesters!" I said with a small smile. "So you have heard of us," Dean said with a wink. "Of course," I replied, winking back. "Maybe we can hunt this thing together," Sam proposed. My eyes lit up with relief and excitement, but I tried to hide it."Sure," I said. They led me to the cave where we all thought the wendigo was. Turns out we were right, and it turns out I was right when I said this wendigo was tough. After we ganked it, Dean, Sam and I were all pretty beat, and it was around midnight, so we all decided to just crash at a motel. Dean and Sam walked to the Impala. "Nice car!" I said whistling. Dean smiled at me and said, smirking, "Thanks. Nice girl too." I smiled at him and walked to my Lambourghini, which thankfully wasn't that far away. I followed the impala to an old motel, and Sam got us two rooms. I went to mine and went straight to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling totally refreshed. I took a shower, and changed into some new clothes I had brought. I applied the little make-up I wore, and brushed through my hair. I met Sam and Dean outside by our cars. "Thanks for the help last night boys." I said. They both smiled at me and then there was silence. I was about to go back to my car and drive off when Dean said,"So where are you staying anyways?" "I bounce between motels," I replied. He just stared at me and then again replied, " Why dont you come back to the bunker with us?" he asked shying away. I just stared at them with a blank look on my face, "Really?" I asked. Sam looked at Dean shocked and confused at what his brother had just said, but replied, "Yeah, of course. We would love the help with cases. And you could have a place that is you know sort of like home." "Yup, and you know, if you wanted to maybe sorta sometime go out with me..." Dean tagged on. I looked at Dean with a huge smile and ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. "I would love to!" I said. Dean just looked at me with a dopey smile on his face, and pulled me into the hug again.

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